Has anyone heard of Legacy Traditions furniture?

msroseJanuary 19, 2010

I found a bed online that I love. It's made by Kincaid Furniture and there doesn't appear to be any dealers in my area. I went to The Room Store the other day and saw a bed that looked identical to one I had seen on Kincaid's website, but the brand was Legacy Traditions. I looked to see if they have a website and couldn't find anything. I went back to The Room Store and asked the guy if Legacy Traditions could possibly be Kincaid Furniture sold under a different name. The bed they have on display isn't the one I want and I was hoping they could order the other one. He told me it's not the same, but I still have my doubts. Does anyone know anything about Legacy Traditions. Most furniture mfgs have websites, so it just seems strange to me that they don't.


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Is this it?

Here is a link that might be useful: Legacy Traditions

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OK, maybe the reason that the Legacy Traditions looked so much like the Kincaid is explained here.

Here is a link that might be useful: Legacy and Kincaid

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Wow, you're good! The 1st link you posted is Legacy Classic, not Legacy Traditions. I still looked to see if I saw the bed they had at The Room Store and they didn't. The 2nd post definitely explains alot. So, it looks like the guy that used to work for Kincaid is now designing the same style of furniture and selling it under the name of Legacy Traditions. I still don't understand why Legacy Traditions doesn't have a website showing their line of furniture. Thanks for the research!


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With Legacy Traditions, retailers with more than three years of experience help you decorate with wood furniture. Choose from Legacy Traditions furniture that we make, featuring all solid wood construction and a variety of finishes. When choosing bedroom furniture, queen and king size beds are available. This furniture will not only look good in your home but also add extra value to it because it's made from solid wood.

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abdulkhatri - I'm guessing you work for Legacy Traditions. Is there a website where I can see all of their furniture?


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Legacy Traditions is a marketing name for Millenia Furniture. Their web site is http://www.millenia-furniture.com/index.html

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Legacy traditions is actually my dads family business. He makes all solid wood furniture and it's all hand carved by workers in Indonesia. He actually has a program for disabled workers and will get wood delivered to the homes of those who can't go to work. The furniture is great quality I'm actually sitting on a bed right now. Hope this helps!

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Samantha - I did end up buying the bed and I love it!

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