Dividend statement ?

KarigraphyFebruary 24, 2006

We receive annual 1099-DIV forms for a few small quantities of stock my husband's grandmother gave him when he was growing up.

We have no idea what the number of shares are and/or what they are worth.

Is there a way to find out how many shares we own of each? One of the statements has the number of shares so we were able to figure that one out.

For the others, I was hoping to get dividend info and divide dividends received by dividends per share to get the total shares. I've found the trading symbols for each of the stocks but the dividend information doesn't compute.

Any ideas???


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What is the originating body that's sending out the forms? Are they all sent from one agency, or do they come separately?

If you can't find the necessary information by contacting them, use a search engine to look up the companies by name, then send a message to the companies and ask them.

They may refer you to a transfer agent that deals with their stock changing hands from one owner to another, or they may give you an answer.

You say that Grandma "gave" the stock - does that mean that he at one time received the actual certificates, that have since been lost, or did he never see any?

You might ask the company whether their records show that the certificates were issued to him.

Now, in many cases, they do not issue certificates - the records are kept in the databases of the stockbrokerage firms from whom the shares were bought. Sorry, I said "... stock brokerage firms from whom ...", but I should have said, " ... through whom ... ", as they order the shares for you from the company (or its transfer agent).

Hope this helps.

ole joyful

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