What furniture do cats NOT enjoy scratching?

carolbarrelJanuary 1, 2012

Is leather or vinyl furniture the best kind to get if your cats like to scratch? It seems they like upholestry/fabric better than leather when it comes to their "workout". I guess I'd like to poll members here to see if they've noticed their cats like certain types of sofas or recliners as compared to others...I want to buy something my cats will be disinterested in! :-P

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Fori is not pleased

Mine didn't like leather, but if you don't know ahead of time, it's an expensive gamble. :)

Check on the pet forum if you haven't.

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mine don't like microfiber. I've had the best luck putting desireable scratching posts in the rooms/areas I find them scracthing. I have many sisal posts and sisal rugs they prefer to furniture. The only problem I have is when the use their claws to aid in climbing, they really don't scratch anything just to scratch and stretch now.

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I have also had the best luck with velvet and microfiber. They have high interest in almost everything else.

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Our cat LOVED clawing up my leather sofa and loveseat corners (front side) -- especially the handy wooodwork! So determined to scratch was my cat that she went up underneath the throws I had on each end to "prevent" this from happening. I had been confident that leather was safe after reading an article at the vets about the very same thing. I since have started playing string with her (actually a feather and string theing from wal-mart). i have a cheap runner that the claws, kicks, pounces, etc to get at the toy. She also is old and will go outside and claw on the fence and come on back in.

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I have 4 cats -- yes they all get along -- and my cats all love to sleep/scratch/and vomit hairballs,etc. on my sectional. It is denim. Denim is not 100% smooth, plus the look of it, even when the cats scratch it, you cannot notice it. (They don't scratch it like they would a scratching post with sisal tho, but believe me it does get scratched.. One downside, the denim fades, but i love it so much I'm on sofa/sectional #3 over 15 yrs. but with dogs, cats, it stays clean, love it. I do have to de-fur it weekly tho, most likely like EVERY couch with animals that shed!

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I also have had luck with microfiber. Mine are pretty good about using the scratching post and I keep their nails cut pretty short, but they occasionally scratch on the carpet or the upholstery that isn't microfiber.

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I have a microfiber couch, cloth love seat and cloth recliner. Both the loveseat and recliner are shredded. The microfiber couch doesn't have a single snag.

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My cats, and friends cats, have enjoyed sinking their claws into all sorts of fabric and leather/fake leather. I have one cat that likes velvet, one boudoir chair in particular- but all the other cats I own leave it alone.
I don't have any microfiber furniture, so I have no idea about that one.

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Mine doesn't touch the leather but I have been to houses where the leather on the side of the couch is shredded.

Hard to say...

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the really cheap, thick hard "leather" (or pleather) is their least favorite to scratch. and, it repelled dog toenails too--plus it can be washed with a damp sponge. this was definitely the best option for us with pets in the house. although, it was not very attractive, so we kept it in the family room where we spent the most time anyway, which means all the pets were in there the most too.

something else we do is keep a sacrificial chair in the cat's favorite spot. it's upholstered in a woven fabric that they love to scratch, climb, etc. they can scratch it and the scratching posts (multiple posts around the house) as much as they want which seems to keep them satisfied and off the nice furniture. we sprinkle their furniture with catnip too and keep their toys nearby.

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For cats I would sugegst a heavy duty full aniline dyed wax pull up leather where most scratches rub out and the cat marks look like part of the sofas appearance as this type of leather already looks distressed. I would also place a scratching post in front of each arm initially and if available purchase arm covers.

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