easiest way to pull up 1/2' particle board

dlr98004January 26, 2010

We need to pull up about 500 square feet of 1/2" particle board that is nailed down (no glue) into 1/2" plywood subfloor with ring shank nails. Any tips to make this work go faster?

Thanks in advance!

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Set the depth of your rip saw to the depth of the particle board . cut it into strips 2x4 or 2x8 and use a long crowbar. carbide blade will cut throught the nails .

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Oh my, definitely a heavy duty long crowbar and possibly two strong 18-20 yr old males. It's back-breaking work. Literally. A hammer and chisel to remove small areas (closet) And pliers and old coffee can to pull up the thousand nails. Then lots of patience. It's definitely not fun but when you have your new floor in, you'll be glad you did it.

We set a trailer out by the front door and large garbage cans to discard large/small chunks of the PB as we pulled it up. That helped too.

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Suggest using a long 16"-18" catpaw (nail puller) to get the nail heads up somewhat, then use a 36" Gorilla Bar to lever the nails up and out. The PB will lift up easily (if not glued) so one can carry it out.

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