Varied width hardwood floor

KateB22January 22, 2014

I had been planning to get white oak same width (3 and a 1/4 or maybe 4 inch wide) flooring. I found a good deal on some mixed width flooring I am considering.

I asked if they new the breakup of the mix so perhaps we could put all the same width ones in the same rooms. They said they didn't know yet, still have to mill it or something.

My question is-- tell me about mixed width hardwood flooring vs same width. I want an elegant high end look. Will a mixed width look more rustic ( I don't want rustic) than a same width?

Or will it not matter. I am not sure if there will be enough to sort each room or not or if it would be laid mixed--- does same width look calmer than mixed width ( it would be 3,4 and 5 inch wide)? or is mixed width nice too?

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My general feeling is that the mixed width is more casual. I wouldn't go so far as to say it's rustic though, unless the wood has a lot of character.

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Mixed width is less formal, but how much less depends on the wood and how it's finished. In general, the darker and shinier the wood (and the more difficult to maintain) the more formal the floor is perceived as being. It's all about having the status of having a full time parlour maid to keep it dusted. (Yeah, too much Downton Abbey)

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I like light floors like shabby chic style-- I like thewhitewashed oak look---- oh man not sure if I should get this-- it is quarter rift for the same price as I find plainsawn= actually less, only thing is it is mixed width, what about putting all one width in one room and all one inanother?? I love downton abbey SO much too

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I can basically get this quarter rift sawn white oak- if I go for mixed width- for almost 1/3 of the price of quarter rift as I can find anywhere--- and for less than plainsawn. hmm. But I don't think Iwill like the look of mixed width, I want things to look high end and more formal.

So- what about sorting it per room--- would this produce a sloppy end look, or would it be good? Anyone know?

I have to decide by tomorrow on this. Right now the floor guy is looking to try to give me an idea of how much of each width I would get.

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If you are going to sand it smooth on-site, stain it, and than put a glossy poly coat on it, the mixed width will blend in and not be as noticeable, unless you really look at (assuming a select grade). At a 1/3 of the price, that is hard to beat. I am also debating mixed width, but I will be getting beveled and/or hand scraped eding which will show the different widths rather readily.

As a general rule, mixed width denotes something from the past when you laid down the floor according to what got cut up on your property. Good luck.

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So- what about sorting it per room--- would this produce a sloppy end look, or would it be good? Anyone know?

You are betting that you will have enough of one width for the largest room, which you probably won't. You'd have to lay out each floor without nailing to check the quantity, then pull it apart and re-nail it. Way too much work.

It can look good, if you pay attention to making the widths well-mixed. But is you want "formal and elegant", I don't think you'll be happy.

Here is a link that might be useful: Varied width pics from Houzz

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