Help me choose and arrange living room furniture!

rach4136January 17, 2014

I love our newly remodeled kitchen but as soon as it was finished I realized how much work the rest of the house needed, particularly our living space. I become paralyzed when it comes to picking and arranging furniture and wall decor and thought I might try reaching out for help here. The floor plan doesn't seem to lend itself well to proper, traditional placement of the furniture. And the front door opens right in front of the only wall where it makes sense to place the TV. We do plan on eventually mounting the TV and hopefully getting a more narrow media stand. Would love any ideas on what type of furniture to buy for this room and where to place it. Would also like ideas on what to do on the large, bare wall behind the TV. We have 3 kids 5 and under so we would prefer furniture that can stand up to some wear. Thank you in advance for any advice you can offer!

Side note: We have tried putting the TV on the opposite wall and moving the couch so that the back of it creates a sort of entry way next to the front door but it really shrunk the space so we would prefer to keep it on the wall where it is currently.

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taken from the front door

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taken from the corner next to the raised bar

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If it were my place:

Sectional sofa in front of the kitchen bar, with the swing-around part of the sofa extending down the open area (back to where the TV is now).

Easy chair on a diagonal facing inward, toward the kitchen bar, back diagonally to window and front door.

Large coffee table

TV on a table in the corner by the window, facing the joint of the "L" sofa.

Fun bench along the wall between TV and kitchen.

Entryway table/credenza/cabinetry for keys, hats, scarves, whatever, on wall where the TV is now.

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Another thing you might consider doing ,but is a bit more involved, would be to build a, maybe 5-foot, partition wall coming out from the wall between the windows and the front door, with a nice ledge and maybe sliding doors underneath with shelving or cubbies behind it where you can store stuff. This would also create a useful small wall on the other side, and create more of a feel of a separate living space from the entry space, as well as giving you some practical storage space.

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I think the problem is scale and lack of color. I would put the couch on the wall facing the TV. I would get a new cushion and lumbar pillow for the large chair and place it either in front of the window or with its back to the kitchen. I'm assuming that the TV and kid's computer table are over there because that's where the outlets are, if not then I would move the kids table in front of the window to get rid of the visual clutter on that wall. If there are no physical difficulties I would get a large area rug, and I mean large. I would have it extend to almost the end of the window. The floor lamp, mirror, and coffee table are WAY too small. If you need a mirror then I would hang a small one above the drawers next to the door and I would upgrade that drawer piece to something more substantial, something a little bit taller and a little bit wider than what you have now. The clear table lamp is doing you no favors by offering no color and visual clutter by seeing it's innards and I would replace that as well.

As for the wall behind the sofa I would get a large piece of artwork or do a gallery wall. If you do the large piece of art, whether 1 piece or a 2-3 piece series, make sure it visually covers at least 2/3 the length of the sofa. The gallery wall is a much cheaper solution than art that large but I would carry that to maybe 6-12" from the end of the sofa.

Sorry this is so long, but as for color I would choose colors from the rug, art, or curtain fabric. If you are doing curtains please don't buy premade curtains. I hate them so much because they are so generic. Just go into your nearest fabric store, they have such beautiful fabrics and they WILL cut your fabric to the length you need. All you have to do is ask. Then just get some iron on hemming tape, if you don't sew, iron it then clip that sucker onto the curtain rod. Anyway I hope this helps you out.

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Holly- Kay

Post this on the home decorating forum. There are so many talented people there who can help!

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