Hearth Remodel

sean01701March 13, 2011

Fellow firestarters,

Renovationg an old raised hearth for a wood stove. Currently have an old / cracked terra cotta tile floor with the brick backing. Thinking of taking up the TC and replacing with 1/4'' slate tiles, (black / charcoal & sealed for the wet look, tight 1/16'' spacing), and facing the brick backing with finished grey granite, similar what is on countertops. It would be a rectangular / square / subway type pattern, mostly gray but would work in some lighter blacks. I have lots of polished scrap slabs I can piece together. Will finish the look with a rough sawn or urethaned maple, (as I'm putting in maple floors soon) and some kind of moulding on the bottom where the mantle meets the granite, with rope lighting.

Looking for advice or thoughts on the look. Any tips or advice appreciated. It might be over the top - don't want anything too busy.


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