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marti8aApril 14, 2014

You asked for prayer requests for your friend and nephew with cancer. I haven't seen any updates and am still praying for them and their families.

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Hello, Marti8a,

First, I have to note the timing of your inquiry. I rarely check this Conversations area because it's not on my radar. But I happen to be perusing the regular forums this evening, and just clicked here, for whatever reason. I had to blink a few times at your header... "Is that referring to me?"

Thank you for your continued prayers. My friend passed early March. It's been difficult for our community, because she's the first contemporary for many of us who has died. It's heartbreaking on so many levels.

But I have found inspiration in her life in many ways, too. Sometimes, when we would talk, I could tell she didn't want to discuss her illness so we'd delve into more trivial things... and she had a way of relishing the seemingly insignificant stuff, too. I recently shared with her kids how she always had time to talk and share and listen, and what a good friend she was. One of them tilted his head and looked at me like, "Oh... she was more than a mom?" I hope they know she was important and inspiring to so many people. (I think they do.)

It's odd that I take away from her life that sometimes it's OK to focus on the little details. I often view my time getting caught up in discussions here on GW as a guilty pleasure--and it is--but she would have thought a spirited discussion about sofas or backsplashes have their place in a meaningful life, too. If I spent all my time asking the big questions about why this happened to her and her family, I'd be hopeless.

Anyway, I can't express here how wonderful it was to come across your note this evening. Thank you. I hope Badgergal's nephew is doing well.

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I'm sorry she passed. She sounds like a wonderful woman and I know you will keep her memory alive. Thank you for telling us about her.

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Marti8a, I don't often look at the conversation side of this forum so I apologize for not responding sooner. I am also sorry that I failed to post an update.

I am truly touched that you still have my nephew in your thoughts and prayers. I am happy to report that as of now his cancer has disappeared. He needs to be checked every 6 months. The doctors seem quite positive that he will beat this for the long term. At the time my nephew was diagnosed he had just found out that his wife was pregnant with their first child. They were blessed with a beautiful baby girl in December.

Just like Peony, I was surprised to see your posting. I see that you posted on April 14th and that was the 9 year anniversary date of my son's death at age 27. He died within 3 months of being diagnosed with colon cancer. I will never forget the doctor telling me that there was nothing more that they could do. I told him maybe there would be miracle cure and he responded that there would be no miracle. I told him that some people had to be the lucky ones and I would continue to hope and pray my son would be one of them. And he could not take my hope away.

Even though my son wasn't one of the lucky ones, I still believe in the power of pray. I think your prayers along with everyone else's worked for my nephew. Thank you so much.

Peony, I am sorry for loss. What a beautiful friendship you had. I don't know how old her children are but at least they realize now that their mom was more than just a mom. I hope you are able to continue to have a relationship with those children.

Marti, if you could add one more person to your prayer list, my best friend's DH just found out that his prostrate cancer has returned after a 2.5 year remission.

Thank you again. It's really something to know that a total stranger cares and prays for someone in need.

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I am so glad to hear that your nephew's cancer is gone or in remission. I love adding a praise and thank you when I'm praying through my list.

I'm sorry your son wasn't one of the lucky ones too. It's encouraging that you haven't lost faith in the power of prayer. After my brother died, my mother turned away from her faith and her bitterness changed her completely.

I too believe in the power of prayer and feel I have been pulled back from death a couple of times. There is nothing worse than being in the hospital thinking the world is going on without you, but then knowing that people are praying for you everyday is a comfort that keeps the despair at bay.

Of course I'll pray for your best friend's dh and add him to my list. Please update when you can too.

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