Laminate Floor vs. Vinyl Floor?

jcioliJanuary 15, 2009

I am planning to rip up the carpet in my basement and install a floor in its place. I am trying to decide between a vinyl floor or a laminate floor. I have a basset hound with rather large nails and my main concern is which floor would be better equipped to deal with any possible scratches the floor might endure from her nails. Also, she occasionally has an accident and which floor is better for cleaning up such accidents. Finally, which one would be better for warmth, since the basement is the coldest room in the house. I do have a portable electric stove down there I do use to keep it warm when I am down there in the winter. Thanks for any advice anyone can provide.

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Both are pretty durable, but I'd think vinyl would be slightly more cleanable because it has no seams for liquid to get into.

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I have high-end vinyl in my kitchen and love it. It's easy to clean and no worries if water gets on it (hence, your comment about doggy accidents). It takes the cold and hot weather very well too.

Besides, depending on what color/pattern of vinyl you get, any nail scratches won't be visible, making your floor look new - longer (though a patterned laminate could provide the same, I suppose).

We just put a wood laminate in the dining room and always have to worry about wiping up water spots immediately.

The vinyl is comfortable even in bare feet; the laminate harder. IMO, vinyl is the way to go for you.

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Depending on your budget, one of the vinyl tile/plank products from Karndean or Nafco would probably work well. These are considered luxury vinyl tile/planks and look like a million bucks and hold up like tanks for traffic and will also perform better against moisture vs laminates. These will run more money though than most laminate products, but they will look great and hold up better in most instances.

On the flip side, if you are going to do this yourself, laminate would be a better route as the high end vinyl planks/tiles can be a little tricky and I would suggest finding an installer for these.

I'm not sure if one or the other would have a problem with the portable stove. Hopefully the link will not seem too much a shameless plug and give you some good info on the Karndean Vinyl plank.

Here is a link that might be useful: Karndean luxury vinyl plank

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Vinyl sheet is available in a wide range of shapes and size according to your area of floor, it�s durable and easy to clean. Even though Vinyl flooring is fairly inexpensive,it is also considered to be extremely resilient.Its material can cost as much as 70% less for vinyl than for any other flooring type. Its installation is incredibly siomple compared to other flooring types and is quiet easy to maintain.

So i prefer Vinyl Floor over the Laminated one.

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