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patty_cakesApril 9, 2014

I'm going in for a consult to find out what procedure would be appropriate for a 71 year old woman who has slightly flabby arms, a slight 'pooch' below the waist, and a thicker mid section at 114 lbs~I'm only 5'1" so that's where the extra weight just seems to 'land'. I watch my diet like a hawk, never eating bread, very limited pasta, very little fats, NO red meat, no juices, organic fruits/ veggies, and relate the slight 'overweight' problem to menopause.

I'm interested in either the cool sculpting or the smart lipo, one being a cool treatment, the other heat. Both gave been tooted in shrinking fat cells and not showing up in other areas, as that's been the problem with some of the older treatments. I'm also interested in one of the anti aging facial procedures, and there are so many I don't have a clue, but NOT going under the knife. Also the typical injections of Botox, Juvaderm/Restalyn, or whatever fillers would be 'right' for my aging skin. This should be very interesting. ;)

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Good luck to you! We 'women of a certain age' will be interested in whatever else is out there besides the usual Juve, Botox, etc.

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I have such mixed feeling about your post, pattycakes and I hope I don't offend you by writing this.

My first thought is by all means!!! Do whatever you want to tweak and touch-up and make yourself feel 'prettier'. We all deserve to feel we are at our best and if you can achieve that, go for it - I have partaken a bit myself!

My second thought is, it just sucks that we can't be content with our faces and bodies as they age naturally. If you/we are fit and active, eating a healthy diet and participating in things that allow enjoyment of life, why do we focus on what happens to our bodies in terms of beauty? Today, 71 is not old but you're not - and trust me, neither am I - ever going to look like we're 25 again - or 40 or even 50. Why is the flabby arm more important than the ability to USE that arm?? I'm really yelling at myself here, not you. Just in a mood and feeling twitchy. But seriously - I *know* you are a beautiful woman whatever procedures you do or don't do.

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DLM, I don't think PC expects to look 25 again. I'm assuming she just wants to look the best she can for her age, as most of us do. From personal experience, I just couldn't stand the added weight in the midsection. I'd never had it and couldn't get used to it. It was physically uncomfortable for me (I am not overweight, exercise regularly and eat healthy, yet none of that mattered to my midsection).

Anyway, cool sculpting didn't work for me. I'm still upset with myself for having done it. I then had smartlipo and am very glad I did. My clothes are so much more comfortable and I even wear swimsuits again.

I've also had facial laser, the first one being CO2 laser about 15 years ago around my eyes. It completely vaporized the unsightly crow's feet (these weren't cute little upward crow's feet, they were cross hatches) which began developing in my early 20's. The dermatologist also did it a little on my lids which provided a lift. It was one of the best things I ever did for myself (smartlipo and lasik eye surgery for presbyopia being the others)!

About three years ago I had "fraxel co2" laser on my face and wasn't as impressed with the results. This was performed by a family practice physician who has jumped on the cosmetic procedure band wagon. It didn't eradicate lines but did improve skin texture, clarity, etc.

The first laser was performed by a board certified dermatologist who specialized in cosmetic procedures. She gave me numbing cream as well as some injections. After that there was little discomfort though the recovery was fairly lengthly. I couldn't leave the house for two weeks. I don't know if that is still the case with CO2 laser but even if it is, I would still do it again.

With the fraxel, only numbing cream was used and it was quite painful. I do wonder if it would have been as uncomfortable had I gone to a cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist (we no longer live in the same state as the dermatologist I originally used).

PC, good for you for looking into the various options available to you. I know it can be daunting. It's easy to feel silly and/or be intimidated by how others may judge you. But I hope you'll do what is best for you. I suspect you are a very young 71 and want to look as young as you feel (or as good as you can for your age). Please keep us posted!!

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funnygirl I do get that and obviously my sarcasm about looking 25, 40 or 50 did not come through. As I said, I have dueling emotions about this subject and have also had a couple of non-surgical procedures myself. It was just commentary on our current world, nothing more.

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dlm, I know what you mean and what you were trying to convey. I feel the same way at times.

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Dlm, you are so right~ the emphasis on youth and looking younger has gone the limits of being over the top! Young women in their 20's are getting injectables when they don't even need them. To be honest, it isn't to look 'prettier' as much as it is to match the body/face to my vitality, if that makes sense. I'm not the typical 71 year old, and don't mean that to sound factious or vain, but even my 3 younger DD's find it had to keep up with me. I take care of my 4 br/3 ba home because I enjoy it, even though I can afford a cleaning person if I chose. I also love working out in the yard, though don't do mowing/ edging and that sort of thing, just pruning, weeding, and putting in smaller plants/flowers. Occasionally I'll take my car thru the car wash and dry it off rather than taking it to the professional car wash. I still have dinner parties(for as many as 15)and do all my own shopping/cooking/ baking.

I know you meant well, and I thank you for your concern and opinion, but my reasons are more than likely not the typical of looking younger, prettier, sexier, or to to build self esteem. Of course there may be 'added benefits', but marrying a man and watching him become successful, and amass a small 'empire' is also an added benefit to a marriage, not something expected.

I feel confident in who I am at this stage of life, and have definitely earned all the lines, if laying out in the sun and being a sun worshiper is looked at as 'earning', so life itself hasn't aged me as much as outside forces, and just the natural aging process itself. I hope I've given you a different insight into who I *really* am and what I'm about without you knowing me personally. ;)

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pattycakes I totally get it and am not all that far behind you - 11 years. I am close friends with 2 women who are 75 and 76, we work out together and there are days where they whip my butt in cardio and strength classes - from your description, they are much like you. I guess I used the word prettier as a catch all but your idea of matching face/body to vitality level is more appropriate. I'm glad you (and roseabbey) understood where I was coming from. Had all these interventions been available when we were in our 30's, our faces/bodies would already match vitality level as it will for those 20 somethings who are starting now! Who knew at 25 that we would be as fit/active as we are? We looked at our mother's and grandmothers and figured that was our road map but we are far more active and in tune with our bodies.

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Did you find anything new?

Yesterday was my first derm appt. I am 43 and don't sound nearly as healthy as you PC. But I have become interested in trying to maintain good skin as I age.
I am lucky to have never liked the sun (maybe the plus side of not looking that great in a bathing suit!) HA! I have also always worn a moisturizer with sunscreen. Nevertheless, I have thin, fine skin and the wrinkles are starting.
I started Retin a, but she told me it was too early for anything else right now.
Always interested in hearing what is out there. I hope you found something that works for you.

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If I could afford it, I would do every cosmetic procedure available as long as I don't end up looking like Joan Rivers. Mostly I would love to have my neck lifted. I do think the underarm procedure is pretty invasive and leaves quite a scar. I'd love to get rid of my bat wings. If I can ever lose the weight I need to lose, I will reward myself with a neck lift.

An acquaintance of mine has the cool sculpting and it hurt like hell. Not sure of the outcome.

Please report back!

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Dedtired, thank goodness my batwings weren't in need of a surgical procedure, just the smart lipo. The procedure is 'supposed' to tighten up the skin as well as get rid of fat 'cells', finger crossed! I did work out with weights quite a bit in my 50's and a little in my 60's, so I still have some definition. It's just the effects aging and gravity has played on me! ;)

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funnygirl - What is the difference in CO2 laser and CO2 fraxel laser? This is on my list of things to do, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet. I've looked at my dermatologist's website and they do something called CO2 Laser Skin Rejuvenation (Dermal Optical Thermolysis).

patty_cakes - How did your consult go? Is the smartlipo what you decided on? Did anything for the face sound promising?

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