vinyl flooring with grooves-dirt problem?

bobomcdoJanuary 27, 2008

Hi, helpful folks! I just came form Home Depot, where I was shown black and white checkerboard vinyl flooring with "grooves" between the squares of color. The saleslady liked the grooves and said they make the squares look more like ceramic tile...I'm wondering about dirt getting trapped in those grooves and my not being able to get the dirt out. Any opinions/experience with this? Thanks!! (I live in MN, lots of sand/salt tracked in during winter...also a mom with pets, too...)

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I have Amtico vinyl planks with a micro bevel. I have had no problems with the microbevel collecting dirt or making the floor hard to clean.

When I ordered the floor it was ordered without the microbevel(the microbevel is standard)without asking me. When I saw it I sent it back. It looks much better with the microbevel, more real.

I guess it depends on how deep the grooves are.

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I had Mannington sheet vinyl in my kitchen for a long time. It not only had the fake grout lines, it had surface texture in all the "squares" as well. It was a taupe color with cream "grout lines".

Over the years I REALLY grew to hate that flooring. It was a bear to clean all the dirt out of those minute holes and edges. Just mopping didn't work; you had to seriously scrub it with a bristle brush to get the gunk out of that texturing. The light color certainly didn't help matters any, either!

I now have Metroflor solid vinyl tile in a slate-look that never looks dirty even when it is....sooooo much easier to deal with.

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I agree with jkom51, I used to have sheet vinyl that surface texture like you said, it was horrible to clean. The microbevel on my planks aren't a problem.

Can you google your floor and reviews of it and see what people say?

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Tarkett has a 9" black/white checkerboard in their Fiberfloor series. This is a solid sheet with no grout lines. If you live near a lake, this is also a highly water-resistant material.
feel free to email me with any questions

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I too had sheet vinyl with textured surface that was horrible to keep clean. I also now have laminate plank that is beveled. I worried about it trapping dirt but it does not. I guess there's something about sheet vinyl texture that traps the dirt.

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Did you think long and hard about getting a black and white floor? They were already installed in our home when we moved in 14 years ago and I couldn't wait to get rid of them. We finally did this past year when we removed the kitchen. Our floor ran from the foyer, hall, kitchen, and into the laundry room - a large area to cover). They were a bear to keep clean and I would NOT recommend them to anyone. The black part showed the smallest amounts of dust and I felt like I was always dusting and mopping that floor. We had the vinyl tiles with slight grooves and while they looked great just after a cleaning, they didn't stay that way too long (no kids or pets here either). Perhaps vinyl vs. laminate COULD be different in terms of cleaning and continually looking good. However, it's your house and your decision. Just my 2 cents. I guess you know by now that I hated our checkerboard floor.

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