Anyone have experience with high gloss laminate flooring?

missleahJanuary 8, 2009

Will be building a new home soon and had my laminate flooring all picked out from until I found out they added some new high gloss laminate flooring that looks more like real hardwood. Has anyone ever used any brand of high gloss laminate before? Will is show scratches, dust and dirt more than a regular matte finish laminate? I am very curious since this is sort of a new product to the market and I love the high gloss look but not sure if it will hold up to my 3 kids and small dogs. Any suggestions and photos is much appreciated. Thank you

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my friend installed in a new condo project. High gloss Armstrong I believe bought a Lowes. Looks fantastic. Comes in individual plank 4" wide so it looks like hardwood. From a practical aspect yes its going to show a lot more than other products. Since I used to be an Armstrong rep I asked about recoating or reinsihing and its impossible to do. If you bought engineered or prefinished hardwood you could have the gloss and the ability to recoat without resanding down the road. Generally the laminate is going to be more scratch resistant than some hardwood but anything can be scratched.

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