Fireplace Operation and Wiring

jburr827March 13, 2009


I am having trouble understanding what I can expect from my fireplace and my dealer is of no help because he doesn't understand this himself. Anyway, I own a Regency P36D and I bought the HeatWave duct kit to pull heat to our upstairs (basically it is a second fan). I also am planning to use a thermostat on the wall.

If understand everything correctly this is how it is designed to work:


When you want to use the fireplace, you would use the on/off switch located in the bottom of the fireplace. Once turned on, the fireplace actually turning on would then depend on your thermostat (just like my furnace).

On the wall next to the fireplace I will have 1 on/off switch and 1 variable speed switch to control the two fans. The on/off switch will control the internal fan by controlling the recep in the fireplace itself. The speed of this fan is then determined by the control box in the fireplace next to the on/off switch. The variable speed switch on the wall will turn the HeatWave duct fan on as well as control its speed. As I cannot use both fans at the same time, I assume I would just manually turn one fan off and the other on as necessary depending on where I want the heat to go.


Is all this information correct? If this is correct, is there any way for me to end up with two variable speed controls (one for each fan) and a switch to control the fireplace all on the wall? That seems like it would be easier than having a thermostat on the back wall, a variable speed switch for the second fan and on/off switch for the internal fan on the wall by the fireplace, and then the the switches for the fireplace and internal fan speed inside the fireplace itself.

I appreciate your time.


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I have recently move into my inlaws second house and in the process of cleaning out the chimney's i have found a small trap door on the floor of the fireplaces i was wondering what it was for could someone explain it to me

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