Harman Pellet Stove Problem

orangepeopleMarch 24, 2008

A hi-pitch noise when the auger is running, can be cured by oiling the auger motor, both front & rear. Tough to get at but not impossible. Also check on alignment of the drive chain as older models had rubber grommets holding the motor to the bracket, half of mine were missing. A new bracket is available, but don't wait for your dealer or Harman to tell you so.

I have found that for me anyway, Harman service and warrenty are non existant. I have fired my dealer and will find a better service outlet.

Allthough I am more than pleased with my Accentra purchased in October of 2004. I would, if I could do it over, go with a Vermont Wood Stove. There is a basket for wood stoves that utilizes a pellet brick, that would give the same results as a wood stove with no cutting, splitting of cord wood, stacking or drying and result in lower ash and handeling that is the benifit of the pellet stove.

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Could you please post the old and new part numbers for the bracket?

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Sometimes when burning longer pellets, a pellet will get in front of the slide plate and the slide plate will be forced to cut the pellet. The extra pressure required may cause the motor mount bracket to flex enough to allow the drive chain to crawl off the sprockets on chain drive models. If this happens, you may be able to reduce the force required to cut pellets by filing a bevel on the end of the slide plate. Newer stoves now have a stiffer motor mount bracket to reduce flexing. The early 1-10-06603 motor mount bracket used in the Accentra and the Advance can be replaced by the revised stiffer 1-10-677005 bracket. This issue does not affect noise in the auger gearmotor.

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