Better health, longer healthy retirement, save a bucket of money

joyfulguyFebruary 17, 2004

I posted this topic on "Money Saving Tips" so won't reiterate here.

Good wishes as you pursue your (worthwhile) goals - including financial.

ole joyful

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Hi again, all,

The suggestion was ... to quit smoking.

Spike figured that the message was too promotional for the website where many people have found a great deal of help in their attempt to quit smoking. Quite a number claim that they doubt that their effort to quit would have been successful without the advice, empathy and friendship that they found there.

Good wishes to each of you who decides to quit - it's a difficult task for many. But it's very worthwhile, for a large variety of reasons, apart from the financial.

A member of a family with lung weakness, which I share, I started to smoke about age 16.

After about 6 mos., liking neither the taste nor, being frugal, the cost - I quit.

Now, several years into (more or less) retirement and enjoying good health, I'm mighty thankful that I had the good sense to part company with cigarettes, those many (almost 60) years ago.

I hope for a similarly healthy, happy, prosperous retirement for each of you, as well: will offer whatever help I can, if you ask.

ole joyful

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Whether folks use your site or use any of a number of available support group options, please quit smoking. Then from the perspective of saving money, reward yourself with a retirement savings plan, and a longer life to enjoy it with.

I will be attending the funeral of a good friend's father on Saturday, who was diagnosed with end-stage lung cancer 2 weeks ago and just passed away today. It moved quickly - his xrays 6 months ago were fine. He was a lifelong smoker. If only one person reads this and quits because of it, then I would be very pleased.

To those of you who have successfully quit already - and I know of several on THS web - Congratulations for doing probably the most difficult thing you could ever do, but also an accomplishment to be very proud of!!!

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I never smoked myself, thank goodness, but I knew a very dear man who smoked for over 50 years. He finally decided to quit smoking and he quit cold turkey when his doctor told him that he had better quit if he wanted to get much older. He had started smoking at around 10 years old. Anyway, when he quit he did not yet have any noticable health problems and thought he had avoided them. But, even after he had quit for 3 or 4 years, the lung problems developed anyway and he ended up hardly able to breathe. Those 50 years of smoking caught up with him and he had thought when he first quit that he had been the lucky one to have escaped lung damage. He died 4 years ago.

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