Fireplace wall switches needed?

xc60March 13, 2014

We are in the process of having a home built with a very unorganized builder, "one" of our latest issues is we (my husband and I) discovered that the wall switches for the gas fireplace and fireplace fan are missing on the wall and mentioned it to our builder months ago. We have repeatly reminded them of this issue and they did not investigate or do anything about it till now and we are almost finished the build. On the fireplace wall there are also built-in bookcases and the basement is developed. There are remote controls to turn on the fireplace that you can purchase, are the wall switches necessary?

They think the receptacle boxes might be in the wall but are unsure and think maybe that the wires might not be fed to the swich boxes and have asked if I would mind putting the switches on the back fireplace wall or on the sides of the fireplace bumpout upper walls. I am not into these options as I have large art prints going on the wall above the bookcases. I would perfer them to put the switches in the location as agreed upon on the blueprint or fingers crossed maybe just using a remote if possible. Any help or suggestions would be great and appreciated.

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Has he been paid yet? If not, withhold money until it's done right.

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