Help with smoke leakage on pellet stove.

applezzMarch 23, 2008

Our house had an Austroflamm Integra insert pellet stove when we purchased it. I found the paperwork from when the previous owner had it installed, there is no date but it looks pretty old. We have had no problems with it over the last 3 winters, but just today while I was starting it I noticed smoke wafting out from where the glass meets the metal on the door frame. The smoke was only comming from the top edge, and when the fan started running the smoke leagage stopped. I assume there is a gasket or something around the glass. Where can I find an item like this for such an old device? If I can locate the right gasket is it something I can change, or do I need a pro?

Thanks for any assistance!

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Sounds like you has too much fuel at startup. The Space at top between the glass and stove is for the air wash system.

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Is it possible you have not cleaned the passages and combustion blower inside your insert and the vent liner inside your chimney? Most pellet stoves operate with vacuum inside the firebox ... but cannot work right when the vent system bcomes restricted by ash. An experienced technician may be well worth the cost.

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