Has anyone put an outdoor fireplace in a gazebo?

caribbeancupcakeMarch 22, 2009


I am purchasing a gazebo and buying it from a gazebo manufacturer. To build it here on St John would be

cost prohibitive due to labor costs. We can't afford concrete walls which is currently $1250/yd formed and poured.This is the only solution I can come up with to build an outdoor livingroom. I want to put a fireplace on the back wall of a rectangle or oval gazebo. The roof frame is wood but we will be putting a metal roof on our gazebo to match the house roof. The floor structure will be concrete with a tile surface.Has anyone experience with this type of project?

Thanks in advance

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It sounds feasible but there are a few things you should check out. First, depending on the type of fireplace you want (wood burning masonry, gas with metal flue, etc.) the concrete floor you mention may have to be thicker and/or have footings under the fireplace. Second, the chimney has to extend a certain height above the adjacent roof (per local code) for safety reasons. Third, since it's a prefabricated gazebo, penetrating the roof could cause structural issues for the roof, unless the fireplace is situated so that it's outside the perimeter of the gazebo. Just some thoughts...

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Sounds like a gazebo fire waiting to happen, especially if its a wood fireplace.

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