A very big dilemma (for me)

cindiw2January 2, 2012

I have three choices of flooring for my condo. 1) cheap poly plush carpeting, 2) cheap poly berber carpeting, or 3) low-cost laminate flooring. We are probably not going to live here for more than another 8 months, maybe less depending on situation (if it sells or rents), we want to make it look reasonably clean for a potential buyer and so want to change out the stained carpet that is here now. But I'm not sure if we're going to keep the condo because we have two condos and whichever we get rid of first, we'll be either renting out or simply holding the other in case we want to move back here. Laminate is the more expensive of the possibilities, but I don't want to waste my money by putting in laminate when a renter may ruin it, or a buyer may not even keep it. Thoughts or suggestions will be most welcome.

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Cheap poly berber will look like new in 8 months. 2nd choice would be laminate..but water kills it and it will scratch. Good luck

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LOL, oh man, what a dilemma! You said that cheap poly berber WILL LOOK LIKE (or will NOT look like) new in 8 months? Answer me as quickly as possible please, because I believe the guys are taking the order tomorrow! LOL! Thank you.

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OK, I checked with my neighbor and asked her opinion. She cleans houses for a living and tells me about the problems the owners have with laminate or wood flooring when it gets wet. They have to change the whole place out. I showed her the cheap berber that was put in one of my rooms and she told me she's had that same carpet for 16 years and she loves it! So that settles it. :-) It's the cheap berber. If the new owners want to change it out, hopefully they do. And if I have to live with it for longer than a year and have the strength and desire to change it out to tile, I'll do that also. My neighbor told me she likes carpet better anyway because it's easier on the feet. :-)

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You will be happy with the carpeting and it will make it very easy for a new owner (if there is one) to replace it with another flooring. Prospective buyers look for clean and odor free dwellings after considering location.

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Thank you, glennsfc! I had a few anxious nights sleep before I came to that conclusion. I am SO glad I asked the forum, and spoke to my neighbor. Yes, I will be getting the berber. I told the carpet layer that, he is buying and bringing the carpet for me, he didn't sound too happy when I told him that, but I guess there is a reason behind it. Anyway, I'll be happier with that berber carpet. Thanks.

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It will look like new after 8 months. Go with the Poly Berber

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