Praise for Hancock & Moore Kodiak

cindylouhooJanuary 14, 2008

First of all, thanks to all on this forum for the valuable information you provide. I've learned a lot about purchasing quality furniture! We would have never reached the decision to purchase H & M leather without reading about it here. A special thanks to Duane Collie for specific info given. We have never owned leather before, but I must say the quality, workmanship and comfort of these pieces is incredible. We decided to make the investment in something that will last us a while rather than going a less expensive route, and we are so glad we did!

Also, I applaud our local retailer, Phillips Furniture, in Jasper, Tennessee for their great customer service. The furniture arrived almost a month ahead of schedule, and we had not gotten rid of our old set or cleaned the carpets. They held on to our new H & M pieces until we were ready (about 4 days later!) They called us to tell us it had arrived, agreed to hold it, called for specific directions for delivery, gave us an approximate time for delivery, then called when they were about 30 minutes away to let us know they were almost here. The delivery men were very careful when unloading the furniture and bringing it inside, plus they were nice and polite!

The sofa, love seat, chair and ottoman are all in perfect condition. We examined everything pretty carefully on delivery and found everything to be in order.

Just wanted to share a great furniture shopping experience, and post some pictures of our new furniture in case anyone would like to see the Kodiak style in Document Saddle. (Still working on decorating, so pictures, mirror and tables in photos don't quite work.)


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Most excellent, and I'm glad to help. Looks GREAT and you'll get many years of use from them.

Now I have a question?! How do you post these photos on GardenWeb? I'd like to be able to do that from time to time and see no instructions as to how to accomplish that.

Thanks in advance.
Duane Collie

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Duane, go to a place like When you upload your pictures, they give you the html code that you paste into your post which displays the picture in your post. See here:

There are many different photo hosting services. Many of them are free.

Here is a link that might be useful: photobucket

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Cindy, what leather do you have?

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vi2vi3, the color is Document Saddle which is a Class II treated leather. I think it's similar to a cognac or chestnut color.
Duane, aaaack! I'm not the best person to answer your question. Those took a lot of trial & error before I got them posted. I did download the pics to photobucket first. I copied & pasted the html link, but that didn't work for me. There was extra info at the beginning of the code I didn't need so all I saw was the blue question mark in the little box when I first tried to post the pictures. I had to delete the first part to where it begins with I tried to follow the directions in this link as best I could. There are other threads on this as well. I just searched all forums for "posting a picture." Sorry, I'm not very knowledgeable about it and can't explain it very well. I'd recommend printing this direction thread. I kept going back and forth between tabs and it was difficult for me to keep up with the info. Also, make sure you preview your post to see that the pictures have been embedded before you hit "post this message." Clear as mud, huh?

Here is a link that might be useful: Directions for posting a picture

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Excellent! I'll get up to speed on posting photos...Ho Boy, ya'll may regret telling me how to do that.

BTW, Cindy - be sure to mail in your H&M registration form which is in the back of the little booklet that has the signatures of all the craftspeople that made your furniture. They don't mention it anywhere, but when you mail in the registration they'll send you back a little gift package as a thank you.


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Thanks for that info. I registered my pieces on-line. That was the only tiny glitch in the delivery. Somehow we didn't get the little booklet for the love seat. We got all the others. I called to see if the furniture company had found it but haven't heard back yet. In storing it for the extra 4 days it could have gotten misplaced.

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Please post if you get the "free gift" for registering your new sofa with Hancock and Moore. I registered my new furniture on-line months ago and have not received anything from Hancock and Moore as a result. Perhaps I need to mail in the registration card?

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Just wondering if you are still happy with your furniture? The Kodiak sofa was recommended to me as to being very confortable, however, there wasn't one in the showroom to sit on. I got a price for the document saddle and was glad to see the picture you had posted since I only got to see a sample of the leather.

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Yes! We still love it! We have toddlers, so it's been great to be able to just wipe off any spills. FYI, both my husband and I are tall (5'10" & 6'), so we looked specifically for furniture that would suit our stature as some just seemed too short. I noticed when one of our shorter (5'2") friends came to visit, it seemed a bit of an awkward seating for her. Her feet didn't touch the floor.
I bumped the corner of the chair with the vacuum that left a scratch, but H & M sent a touch up kit to correct it.
It's also very comfy for a Sunday afternoon nap ; )
Let me know if you have any other questions.

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Thanks for your response - My husband is 6' and I want a sofa that will be comfortable for him. Based on past experience, he will be doing a lot of TV watching in the reclining position so it sounds like that the sofa will accomodate his "needs".

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We are looking at the September in either Document Saddle or Copper. In your photo Saddle looks like it has a lot of red in it which we like. Is it pretty true to color?
Duane C was saying that he thought the document looked a little too processed but we like the look of the colors rather than one uniform color. Do you find it scratches easily? We have an active household and though I love the feel of the unprotected leathers, I feel I need a finished leather to really have a wipe and go piece. Does the leather look very shiny? I don't mind a little sheen but don't want it to look like plastic. Your set looks gorgeous and I just want to make sure before I spend the money.

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Actually, the document Saddle has more orange in it than red. I posted a pic here of the sample and you can see the orange tint on the back of the leather.

However, I do use dark red throw pillows with it, and I think it looks good!

The leather is much shinier in the pics than in real life. It has ben great with 2 toddlers to wipe and go. I have not found that it scratches easily. It is in our family room and gets climbed on, toys thrown on it, cars bumped into it, etc. The only major scratch happened when I bumped it with the vacuum cleaner. Duane got me a scratch repair kit from H & M to fix it.
It is quite an investment, but we've been very happy with it.

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