Woodstove chimney pipe options

waymilkyMarch 15, 2009

I just bought a 4 month old Pacific Energy Alderlea T4 woodstove which I'm planning on installing in my garage. I need advice on chimney installation. I'm planning on installing the chimney straight up through the roof and there will be about 12 foot height to the ceiling.

I've already checked with a local woodstove dealer, but he was a bit peeved that I was buying a used stove rather than one of his new stoves. Now because of his reaction I'm looking at doing the chimney myself. I've been looking on the net regarding options and I see I can buy chimney pipe online. The dealer mentioned triple wall pipe for going through the ceiling, attic, and roof, but I see many people use double wall, and some have said not to use triple wall. What are the pros and cons of double vs. triple wall? How about the pros and cons of galvanized vs. stainless steel vs. black pipe. Is there a benefit other than appearance to the more expensive pipe?


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If you're putting it in the garage, I would go with triple wall. You need to get the chimney warm to create the draft necessary for proper operation. And if you light the stove in a cold garage, it'll take forever to get the chimney going. The triple wall will heat up faster.

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Should I run the triple wall all the way from the stove to the top? Does it matter whether it is stainless steel or galvanized?

I appreciate your help.

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A couple of thoughts, If you want to follow code rules, you might want to check local code. Many places prohibit installing woodburning devices in garages.. the pesky gasoline meeting open flame scenario I guess. Second, I would use double wall stove pipe from the stove until you reach combustables and then transistion to the HT2000 ( or whatever its called) triple walled and insulated chimney, this will extend through the ceiling, attic area (if you have that), roof and up several feet above your roofline(check height requirements vs roof). I think its a doable DIY project for sure. You should check out the forum at hearth.com for expert advice.

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Triple wall? I've checked with a couple of stove shops and they tell me triple wall isn't even available anymore. The shop I checked with today told me to run single wall inside the garage until I get to the ceiling and then run the insulated after that. Comments?

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A lot of this is covered by local codes, but yes it is common to have single-wall pipe inside the structure to get some of the heat from the pipe radiated into the room, and double-wall pipe outside. However, as others have mentioned, you don't want to cool the exhaust down too much, or you'll lose your draw and have a hard time starting and maintaining fires.


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