Sealing drafty gas fireplace

greenbean08_gwMarch 24, 2010

I have a gas fireplace that has a pretty significant breeze coming from the bottom vent area when the north wind blows.

Here's the problem (click to enlarge): From misc

This does not lead directly outdoors. The breeze seems to come through the direct-vent chimney, around the back of the fireplace and out this hole. What can I safely use to seal around this gas pipe under my fireplace? Thanks!

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There are 2 vents in a direct vent system, and the vents are typically composed of insulated fireproof flexible pipes. I have a feeling it will be necessary to replace the whole vent that leaks. This is probably a job for a professional.

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I think haus_proud misread your post, it sounds like what your saying is the cold air comes down the chimney and enters your living space via that hole that was cut to connect the gas line. I suspect that there isn't any significant heat in that area so perhaps you could use plumbers putty to fill the area around the gas supply and the enclosure to prevent the cold air from entering. If heat is present you will need to find a product that will not be effected by it.

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Thanks haus proud and paul4x4. I'm having my furnace serviced next week and I'll have the guy look at it when he comes. I am overdue for the service anyway so it's probably safer to have them tell me.
Thanks again!

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The service guy cut 2 small squared U-shape pieces of sheet metal, slipped one on each side of the pipe and taped it with the shiny duct-sealing tape.

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Thanks for the follow up! Sounds like a great solution, I will keep that in mind for any similar problems.

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