Problem with Majestic Gas Fireplace

cactuscatieMarch 9, 2008

We have a Majestic rear vent gas fireplace which is 4 months old. From day 1 it hasn't worked properly. Here's the problem. When it is turned on it clicks on and off and on a couple of times before staying on. Than after being on for a little while it clicks on and off and on again. Than after awhile it clicks off and stays off. We then have to hit the off button and then the on button to get the fireplace to light.

We called mfg and they said to check the position of the logs. We repositioned them at least 3 times and the problem is still happening.

We called the dealer and he had no solution.

Our contractor that installed the fireplace has washed his hands of the problem and said he has no idea what's wrong. He actually blames us for moving the logs around.

Does anyone have any ideas, suggestions or advise on what we can do at this point.

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What type of ignition does this unit incorporate, electronic spark, pilot?

What exactly clicks on and off, the control valve, a hand held remote, etc?

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No pilot so it's electronic spark. We do have a hand held remote which is what we are using. However, it will not work in the manual mode either. I really can't say what's clicking on and off. Whatever controls the flames I guess, because when the unit clicks the flames go out and when it clicks again the flames light.

I hope this helps.

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OK it's going to be hard to say on this forum what the problem is. My guess would be the flame sensor. Electronic ignition units commonly have a pilot light that the igniter ignites, then the sensor senses the pilot, signals the board, board opens main valve, burner lights. Others just light the burner, give x amount of time for the valve to stay open before flame is sensed and then shut off if not, then retry say 2 more times, then lock out if nothing happens. If you actually do have a pilot that lights first, then the pilot may be source of the problem and a good cleaning of the pilot would fix it, if it's the pilot. If you really have no pilot at all, then it could be the sensor, the sensor wire, or the board. The manufacturer should be able to give your tech. testing parameters for each part, i.e. "x" ohms on cold sensor, etc. On some models a wire can be used in the flame as a sensor instead of the sensor, your tech. should be able to tell if possible with your unit.

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May I ask what unit/model you have? I'm about to install a Vermont Castings gas fireplace. Uh oh.

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You can also post your question on:

Good luck.

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I agree with jcal that it is very difficult to diagnose here. My first suggestion is try to find a gas fireplace technician with electronic ignition experience in your area. You will need some luck here. Many fireplace shops only service the brands they sell. Your gas supplier may be able to recommend someone. Many furnaces use controls like your fireplace .... but a furnace technician may not understand fireplace venting issues. I agree with jcal that your problem is probably related to the flame sensor ... but i think it is likely the sensor is working properly. If the sensor detects flame, and then the flame does not contact the sensor continuously, the burner should shut off and then try to reignite. After several attempts to ignite, if the sensor does not sense continuous flame, the control should "lock-out" or stop attempting to ignite. I suggest you try to observe the flame contact on the flame sensor. Good flame impingement here will cause the sensor to glow red. If the flame is too weak to contact the sensor steady...look for adjustment or obstruction. If the flame lifts off the sensor...look for a leak in the vent(or other venting issues). If the flame is blowing away from sensor...look for a missing shield or a log out of place. GOOD LUCK

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Live in Montreal, Canada.
Experiecing a similar problem with my Majestic Vermont Castings Rear Vent fireplace.
The flame sesor was not working so the "technician" replaced the circuit board.
Did not fix problem. Now states there is an obstruction in the vent pipe, most likely ice?
Extremely leary with little confidence in this diagnosis.
All comments would be welcome

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Recently learned that the fireplace has an oxygen problem.
Not getting enough air from outside through the vent pipe.
Believe the pipe to be obstructed, presumably with ice.
Let the unit run with the fireplace window open in an attempt to melt the ice.
Did not work.

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I have Hearth Gas Fireplace, model # BE36C. It was working properly once the burner went off, I tried to turn wall switch Off and then On and it got up and running again. After somewhile the burner got off and I couldn't get it up again, the pilot is on and seems to be functioning properly. I tested the wall swith and it is Ok. I think that something is wrong with the flame sensor.

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I have a Hearth Gas Fireplace, model # BE36C. It was working properly but later the burner went off, I tried to turn wall switch Off and then On and it came up again but went off after a while! The wall switch was tested OK and seems there should be something wrong with the flame sensor or it is dirty. The pilot is on and OK. Any comment appreciated.


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Usually the dealer hires an installer to put in the equipment. Installers usually aren't skilled repairmen.

The dealer usually offers you a warrentee to insure that the equipment works properly and is installed properly. I'd build a fire under your dealer to get them to perform.

At a minimum there is a warrentee of merchentability --- that the equipment works as it's supposed to, which it isn't. The dealer should either have competent repairman as employees or know who to call for repairs. And they should fix the problem under their guarantee.

But don't delay. Pursue this now.

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