Butcher Block Table - What Type of Finish for the Top?

LaurieJanuary 27, 2013

We recently sanded the top of our butcher block table. Then, rubbed in several coats of Old English Lemon Oil. The oil soaked in fast and soon the table top was very dry. There are several blotchy areas where drink glasses, etc. leave marks (even though we wipe up the moisture quickly).

Is there a specific type of durable finish that you can suggest we try to apply to the top?

We would prefer something not too shiny (more of a matte finish).

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I received a detailed response on the Woodworking Forum.

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You will have to let the top dry well and then sand the top again. Before you refinish wipe down the top with some thinner so you will see if you still have any issues. The top with the thinner on it should look perfectly clear. Let dry.

If if the staining persist you might try some acentone on a rag as this should remove any oils. Wipe it down several times. They do this with teak on boats for example as teak is an oily finish.

Wood bleach applied to the surface, then cleaned well and re-sanded, is another option for cleaning the surface. Make sure you wear a mask when sanding wood that has been bleached.

I would then visit a good paint store for the various finish options.

I have found that in some cases the stains persist.

I would be curious to see what was said on the woodworking forum.

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