harman accentra problems-cold house!

hangmanMarch 1, 2010

Hello folks,

I found this website while searching for problems with Harman accentra pellet stoves. I had this stove installed in early December. Right from the start this stove was consuming 3 bags of pellets (Marth brand from Lowes) a day. The problem was that this stove was not throwing out hardly any heat. The dealer came out with a meter and testing the "drafting" of the stove. He said beforehand that it should read about "30". It was off the meter which stopped at "60". He was able to adjust a setting inside with a small screwdriver bringing it back to the high "40's". He researched the problem and told me that he ordered a "fresh air reduction accessory". This was installed and still this stove barely heats the living room. The dealer never came back withthe meter to test the drafting again. The main heating thermostat is about 14' away from the stove and the highest temperature it reads is 72. the rest of the house on the 1st floor doesn't get warm. The upstairs is cold. Now this is an old tudor style house built in the 1930's with heavy plaster walls and replacement windows. There is no insulation in the exterior walls which I am planning on having done this spring. But even at that shouldn't this stove warm the entire house? My friend's have pellet stoves and their homes are warm. I'm wondering what to do. Right now I'm buring 2 bags of pellets a day to heat the living room. Thanks for any help.

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Check www.hearth.com A great deal of experience and expertise on all aspects of stoves.

How large an area a stove can heat varies greatly with a)the btu rating of the stove and b)the insulation and layout of the house and c) the outdoor winter temperatures. The dealer should not have sold you a stove incapable of meeting your needs, but it often happens.

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