how to pick right Cap/damper for chimney??

DragiinMarch 3, 2013

Hi, I moved into my new place and it has an existing double-sided brick fireplace. really big and really nice. anyways i figured it was ready to use and the first time was a disaster as i smoked out the whole house.

so, after some research im convinced it was getting pushed back from the wind through the flue. The flue on the roof has nothing more than a flat screen mesh at the top.

-the flue is round, 11" ID and 13" OD. most damper/cap combos i see online are rectangular or square..
can i buy a 13" by 13" combo and it will fit right over the pipe? i have never installed one and not sure how all this works.
-ive seen one round damper product but max size i can find is 12",,,,is this because they are installed on top of the flue within that 1" edge? i have been assuming something is to slip over the edges for good seal.

any info towards the right direction or product would be appreciated,,if more info is needed on my end or fotos,,just lemme know.

thx in advance

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Before doing anything, have your chimney inspected by a certified chimney sweep or other professional. There are many reasons why smoke can enter the house. A major one is poor to non-existent draft because the chimney is clogged with creosote or other debris. An inspection will also reveal any other interal problems which may be making your chimney unsafe. If the cause is backdrafting caused by wind, a professional can advise you on remedies.

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