Remodeling advice sought-3 direct vent FPS from 1992

gneebeeMarch 10, 2010

We're in the middle of remodeling our 1992 house which has 3 direct vent FPs made by Majestic Co. They've not worked for years. We'll see if they can be repaired, but we're rebuilding the entire face and surrounding structures of 2 of them, anyway. We want to bring the fam room FP further out into the room as it's presently recessed back even with the back of the built-ins on each side instead sitting parallel or further ahead of them. The built-ins were obviously an afterthought and overwhelm the FP as they are 2 feet deep.

We're wondering if we can use an elbow and safely pull out the fireplace a couple of feet and then build a false wall around it to the ceiling so the new built-ins fit better.

Another option is to switch to a ventless FP box, but I'm concerned the room would get too hot while using it.

I'm open to any advice about Fire places, advantages or disadvantages of vent vs ventless, wisdom from remodeling experience, etc.


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Don't get ventless, whatever you do. That would be going from state of the art technology to technology that is a health/safety hazard and is a violation in many building codes.

I am not familiar with your particular brand of direct vent system and I do not know exactly what it looks like. But I have a feeling that what you want to do is likely to be a major alteration -- the system will have to be relocated, brought out from where is it now recessed. That would mean disconnecting the unit from the 2 vents that go up the chimney, likely a messy job. So do it first and get it out of the way. It is quite possible that disconnecting the unit will damage a part of the vents and their connection, and that would have to be repaired. But the larger question is that the direct vent system might not work properly if the system is brought forward because then the vents will have to go back first toward the chimney in a horizontal or semi-horizontal direction before turning up the chimney. I would check with the direct vent manufacturer to find out if the system can be operated properly with that kind of alteration.

If you find out that you cannot make the changes you want, you might consider replacing they system you have with a direct vent gas stove. They come in enamel, cast iron, and soapstone. It would be a different look, but worth considering if you're prepared to spend some more money.

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