High end congolium - what a joke.

darrahJanuary 18, 2011

I am so disgusted. Last year I had new flooring installed in my bathroom. I chose a high-grade congolium (sp?) because I was told it would wear well. I asked the installer what kind of cleaner I should use. He said that water mixed with white vinegar worked well. So that is what I used. For the last four months my floor has looked terrible. It grabs the dirt and hard scrubbing doesn't remove it. There is only my husband and I living here and we rarely wear shoes in the house and there are no pets.

My other bathroom has an older smooth congolium and it looks as good as the day we installed it, which incindentally, was just a flooring remnant as it is a small bathroom. At the time I was shopping for new flooring I inquired about getting the same type of flooring but was told by the owner that that type of smooth flooring isn't being manufactured any more. Has anyone else had this problem with their congolium? Can you suggest a better cleaner? I can't afford to have this flooring ripped out after only a year's use even though it now looks like its been there for at least ten years.

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Well I believe stating what a joke and naming Congoleum is really an unfair statement to make. In no way am I being confrontational here, but there really is a flip side to every coin. 1st off, Congoleum is an excellent company who is as liberal with claims as any manufacturer I have ever seen. Congoleum makes high quality and entry level vinyl. There are two constructions used in making vinyl basically. PVC and urethane. Pvc is soft, more porous and will allow dirt to cling in the pits. It is only found on lower end entry level vinyl flooring. Higher end vinyl is made of Urethane...a much harder vinyl that dirt releases from with ease. Even the lower ended vinyls today have treatment to allow them to clean. Scotchguard by 3m is an application the Congo adds to many of their products. I would have to see what is happening to your vinyl. I have written many times that vinyl today is softer and wears out quicker than yesteryears vinyl, but as better visual appearance and cleans much easier. We sell as much Congo as anyone in our part of the state, we are a cap five dealer which is the highest and let me say..that we never have a cleaning complaint on Congo. As a matter of fact, I do not believe we have ever had a complaint of cleaning ability. your dealer should put in a claim as there may be a wear layer issue. Congoleum cleans up well, especially if only a year old. Plain water should take care of it in the 1st year. The word high end in your post needs to be further explained...what style is it..? Prelude, KTECh, Air step, Evolution, Ultima..there are many more. Congo will take care of it..especially a bathroom. I have seen them ok claims that they should turn down in an instant, but they are very consumer happiness conscious. Get a hold of your dealer or explain more and more help can be given to you rather than wrongfully calling them a joke, because they are probably the best vinyl company out there as far as customer satisfaction. Good luck and waiting for more details...

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Floortech, thank you for your response. I looked up the info. and it is Ultima Congoleum. I'm happy to hear that Congoleum stands behind their product. The date of installment was 1/12/10. So almost to the year since being installed. I have gone over in my mind what could be causing the problem. The area where the floor seems to be grabbing the dirt the most is where I stand at our double sink. I do use hairspray. Not much, but a spritz every day. Is it possible the residue from the hairspray is creating the problem? If so, I will refrain from using the hairspray and see if over time I can get the residue up with the vinegar/water mixture. Would it hurt the congoleum if I tried using one of those plastic scrubbies on the area as the string mop is not getting the job done?

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How about trying a little Dawn and water? My mom has laminate wood floors and tried vinegar on the areas she had like that and it did not work. She was bragging today how well the Dawn worked to remove some built up residue.

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Thank you, killinsnakes. I will definitely give it a try.

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Boy I dont like to play the devil here constantly, but Dawn is a huge no no in any type of cleaning of floors. All cleaners must be non detergent styled cleaners meaning there is no use o f paraffin. Dawn is loaded with it, and although will look clean in the beginning, the wax in it will grab the dirt and reappear quickly. Dawn is the product demonstrated by manufacturers as what not to use.

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I also have this type of flooring. But, mine is about 11 years old and it too was showing its age (in my kitchen). I purchased a product, "Restore A Floor" from a catalogue.

The bottle has a toll free number on it 1-888-471-3535. Its by AP Products, Orinda, CA.

This product made my floor look new again and I called the company that put my flooring in before I used it and they okay'd it saying it works well on many types of floors including hardwood, linoleum, laminate, stone, tile and more.

Hope this helps you out.

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