What type of firelog set needed to connect to a wall switch?

tiechaMarch 24, 2009

Hello, I purchased my house about a year ago ,and it's about 2 yrs old. Here's my problem: when i moved in, the actual firelogs were missing, and there were some wires sticking out in the inside of the fireplace. There is a wall switch right above the fireplace, so i'm assuming that the fireplace can be operated electrically! I believe it requires a ventless natural log set, because when i look up inside, there is no way to open the shute at all. I'm not at all sure how the wires come into play either ...Do i need a certain type of log set that has a place to attach wires? Do all natural ventfree/ventless log sets have a place to attach wires?

Another question is should i be concerned at all with the carbon monoxide issue? PLEASE HELP...i've been in my house a year now, and haven't done anything to the fireplace because i'm not sure what is needed

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Do you mean that there is no flue pipe going up? If so, it is made for a ventless system. If it's just a matter of a stuck flue damper, that can be fixed. To your main question, most manufacturer's log sets come with an optional automatic control valve. This is what connects to the wall switch. It turns on the gas and ignites it automatically. Is there also a manual shut off valve for the gas? If so, you can operate it manually without paying for the additional control valve.

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