insulation next to fireplace

ami103March 21, 2013

I have a fireplace in my dining room and I'd like to install refrigerator/freezer drawers about 18" to the right of the fireplace. I am concerned that the heat of the fireplace will adversely affect the ref/fr. Does anyone have any input on this or recommendations? I was thinking maybe I could put extra insulation in the wall between the fireplace and ref/fr. Thanks.

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What type of fireplace is it? Masonry? Beehive? Or prefab?

Personally, I would look at codes first. Have a professional come in and give you the facts about putting a ref/freezer next to an operating fireplace that has ashes possibly blowing into the units that are only a foot and a half away.

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It is a prefab enclosed gas fireplace.

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You should be fine but I wouldn't want to pay the power bill as that fridge and freezer compressor is going to be running constantly when the fireplace is on.

Call your insurance company and they will answer your question for free, no need to pay an expert.

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