Quality of Flexsteel sofas

tnhogheadJanuary 28, 2007

We are looking at purchaseing two sofas and one love seat. The best for the price seems to be Flexsteel. What is the forums opinion on this brand and where can it be purchased on line and if so where is the cheapest?..Thanking everyone in advance, Tnhoghead

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I can't speak to todays quality but I purchased a Flexsteel Sofa and love seat for the livingroom probably close to 14 years ago. Because it was in the LR it didn't get the abuse it might have in the FR. But, the cushions held up very well (better than my Ethan Allen stuff). I gave it away when we moved last spring only because it was faded and didn't really suit the new house. It was still in good shape.

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i too am looking at flex steel i found it in the Big Screen Store they have any fabric piece for 600.00 each or leather for 900.00 each piece. i don't know if this is a good price but you can pick either the single or the chair and 1/2 for these prices. they seemed very comfortable and sturdy in the store and great recliners but i have gotten mixed reviews here (scroll thru previous postings) please keep us posted thanks!!!

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I purchased a Flexsteel leather sofa and upholstered chair and ottoman that were delivered a couple of weeks ago. I love them!! Granted, they haven't stood the test of time yet, but from everything I can tell, they are well-made and sturdy.

I didn't purchase them online, though. I bought them at Nebraska Furniture Mart in Omaha (they have a store in KC MO also) and the sofa was $2000 and the chair and ottoman were a $950.

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What is the Big Screen Store and has anyone found Flexsteel at a discount?

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We purchased two Flexsteel Leather sofas in 1993, and have used them regularly in our family room. They still look and sit great. I purchased my first Flexsteel sofa in 1973, sacrificed it in a divorce.
We are about to purchase three more Flexsteel sofas, but not leather this time (decorating choice, I love the leather!)
I highly recommend this brand.

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I'm a dealer for Flexsteel (Just ordered six pieces for stock yesterday) and its strong, well-built, and pretty much everything on it is fully warrantied. Frames, springs, cushions and motion mechanisms all carry limited lifetime warranties. Fabrics and Leathers are never covered under that, however. Its solid, everyday furniture that is comfortable and priced right - and still made in the USA (some carved frames are imported as is the Latitudes Leather Collection).

What Flexsteel is not, however, is what I call the Art of Upholstery. It is by no means finely crafted or built anywhere close to the standards of a Hancock and Moore, but then again its half the price. If you are the type that wants near perfect welt trim alignment, precise fitment in the areas of where fabric meets wood, etc...then Flexsteel is not your brand.

I have fairly high standards in my store, and Flexsteel is my entry level line. Not everyone who comes in my store wants to spend $ 1,500 for a chair, and the Flexsteel meets the demands of the customer who wants a $ 750 chair. I can sell it with confidence knowing I won't ever get an angry phone call five years later because it collapsed.

As for finding the brand at a discount, might be tough. Flexsteel will not drop ship factory direct, so Internet seller XYZ can't write an order for it and have a delivery service pick it up at the factory to ship straight to you. All Flexsteel shipments are done on Flexsteel fleet trucks and have to go to the dealers store (there are exceptions, but it takes several people in the Flexsteel chain of command to approve those exceptions).

Domestic Flexsteel offers their leather in two configurations. All leather, and then Leather seating surfaces with matching vinyl on the areas you do not sit in and upon. When shopping the line, be sure to know which you are looking at - as prices between the two vary considerably.

Duane Collie

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Bump! Things have changed since April @ Flexsteel apparently. Here's my experience with my first F. purchase of a 75" loveseat fabric sofa. The color when delivered, did not look at all like what we ordered but since it looked OK and we weren't sure, we accepted. Then we noticed a run in the fabric on one cushion down the entire length with an exposed thread. Dealer orders a replacement and it arrives of a different color (like the one we ordered). So someone pulled the wrong fabric roll during manufacturing. When I lifted the front of the sofa to look underneath to verify the color code on the ticket (code does not match the color) I noticed the wood used for the front frame, is not only so thin, it has a deep crack about half the length of the front. Also there ia a knot in the wood that is gouged. Now I know what you don't see doesn't perhaps need to be cosmetically perfect but this wood looks like something I'd find at the garbage dump and I don't think it's structurally sound.

Never again Flexsteeel!!

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Once upon a time, Flexsteel was one of the best made brands available for the money. They used a proprietary blued spring support system that was probably the most durable of any spring system available. Lately, however, I believe that they must be bringing in some products from China because they do not have the blued spring. The way to tell the difference is to lift up the sofa and look underneath. If there is no dust cover and you can see the blued spring, it is the real thing. If there is a dust cover on the bottom, it is probably a cheap import.

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I'm looking at leather sofas and like the wrangler series in flexsteele. I saw that the Iowa plant layed off workers this past fall. Can anyone tell me the current quality of Flexsteel sofas?

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I too am looking to buy flexsteel.
Lattitude reclining leather sofa.
Is it true you can order US or China made?
If so what is the difference in price!
I prefer made here even if it costs 300-500 more!
I am waiting for a factory sale, any certain time of the year this happens.
Is there enough of a discount to wait?

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Flexsteel "Lattitudes" is made entirely in China

Flexsteel regular line is USA made in various plants around the country. Motion comes out of Georgia and Mississippi.

You cannot choose country of origin for the build.

Flexsteel does not offer sale periods during the year.

Flexsteel does not drop ship, delivers on their own trucks making distance purchases from non-local dealers not cost effective as they must first take the pieces from Flexsteel and then reship. Buy locally.

Flexsteel USA is decent mid-grade quality for the price.

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My experience with this company's products is first rate. High quality stuff at reasonable prices.

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DO NOT BUY FLEXSTEEL!!!!! You will be very unhappy!!! I bought a black leather couch & chair from the Latitudes collection. I was so excited because I was getting my first "NICE" pieces of furniture. I spent $3300! The black is rubbing/coming off of my leather seat cushions. It looks bad. A leather expert came out & told me it was due to a flaw in the tanning process. Flexsteel won't take it back & neither will the retailer (Donna's Interiors in Arroyo Grande, CA). The leather is only warrantied for one year & I know why! Flexsteel says, "If you love your furniture now, wait a few years". Yes...wait not even a few years to find that you might as well have thrown your money in the trash!!! I am so upset!!! DON'T BUY FLEXSTEEL!!!!!!

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Lattitudes is Flexsteel's "Made in China" line of upholstery. Some Chinese hides are OK, some are not. I personally do not care for Chinese-made product and find that it rarely holds up over time.

You post elsewhere that your furniture is 2 years old now. There are no makers of amy kind that are going to warranty a cover that is two years old, sorry.

Next time, buy American-made and stick with leather that is sourced from a USA/Canadaian/European/New Zealand tannery and you'll get a better product that will last much longer.

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I will never buy ANY furniture again before investigating it thoroughly AND before asking others' opinions about the retailer. I received NO care instructions for my leather furniture. I don't think that's at all normal. I don't care if the leather is only warrantied for one year. That's NOT the point. A leather expert also told me there was a flaw in the tanning process which was causing some of the problems. Wouldn't that be the responsibility of the manufacturer (namely FLEXSTEEL) EVEN if the warranty was expired. If there's a flaw in the tanning process, that happened BEFORE I purchased the furniture. If they had integrity, they would do SOMETHING to help me out.

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Have you used any commercial product leather conditioner on the hide since you've owned it?

Have you contacted the Flexsteel Representative for your region personally or relying on the dealer's word?

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I want to buy a Flexsteel. Should I specify to the retailer that I don't want one that is made in China?

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Flexsteel Latitudes is made in China.

Regular line Flexsteel is USA-made.

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How would I find a Flexsteel representative from my region? I obviously know nothing about buying furniture!!! This was the first time I ever bought any "nice" furniture! I have never used anything on the furniture because my retailer told me I didn't need to!!!! You don't need to tell me how stupid that is!!! I'm finding out the hard way!!!! My retailer and Flexsteel are just giving me the run around. I'm still trying to be polite at this stage. In the meantime, the furniture is just looking worse!!!!

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Call Flexsteel in Iowa (home operations facility) and ask who the rep is for where you live.

Flexsteel Industries Inc.
3400 Jackson Street
Dubuque, IA 52001-1100
United States
Tel: 1/319/556-7730

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I've tried calling this number before and it was disconnected...still is...HOW CONVENIENT!!!! I have been unable to find another phone number for Flexsteel. They obviously don't want to get phone calls!!!! The customer service person that I've emailed repeatedly will admit to nothing and constantly tells me to talk to my retailer. My retailer gives me NO care instructions (never did) and continues to act like this is no big deal. Any furniture store that I've contacted, whether by going into the store itself or by online communication, has told me that leather furniture needs to be cleaned & protected every 3-6 months.

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Area code change....

Call 563-556-7730 M-F 8 to 5 pm.

Don't attempt to tell your problem to the customer service person at Flexsteel. This is a dealer service number and you will not make any headway as a consumer. Heed my advice and simply tell them you have a consumer issue to discuss with the area representative in your region and ask for that person's name and phone number. Call the Rep, explain your issue to that Rep, for he/she is the ONLY person in that is going to do something for you. Ask them to come to your home and look at the piece, then make yourself available at the time they are in the area to show it to them.

Leather must be cleaned periodically, but does not have to be conditioned. On the contrary, putting the wrong product on a leather hide can result in problems and topcoat de-lamination.

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I do not rate Flexsteel as 'high quality'. Upper tier leather makers are Hancock and Moore, Leathercraft, Classic Leather.

Second tier would be makes such as Bradington Young.

Flexsteel is third tier.

I used to sell Flexsteel as well. Like many other lines is OK for its price point, but its not top quality.

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I work at Donna's Interiors and have been handling this issue from the initial complaint of color flaking from the leather sofa. An independent leather professional, as well as one of Donna's Interiors owners, inspected the sofa and chair purchased from our showroom two years ago in May of 2007. Both found the problem reported was due to direct sun exposure which caused drying and fading.

Flexsteel Industries is exchanging the sofa even though purchased two years ago and no longer covered under their warranty. Donna's Interiors is handling the exchange.


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I purchased a Flexsteel all leather recliner from another furniture store in Santa Maria, CA in 1985. I love it and would never want another recliner. I have had to get the mechanism replaced which Flexsteel warranties for a lifetime, I called Donna's Interiors in Arroyo Grande, since they are the closest furniture store and they asked me to get information off the bottom of the chair and then ordered me a new mechanism. The delivey men picked up my chair and returned it in the same week for a minimal $45 fee. I have since been back to Donna's Interiors to purchase other Flexsteel pieces and the quality of furniture is still first-rate.

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We did a ton of research and bought a Flexsteel sofa and chair in 2003. The fabric did not hold up and faded badly, even the piece away from the windows. The chair cushions are poor quality and have been broken down since year 1.
Flexsteel doesn't seem to care. I will never purchase another product from them. We spent $3,000 for a sofa and chair. I can't wait to get new furniture!

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I'm looking to replace my Flexsteel upholstered Southhampton chair. After about two years of less-than-daily use, the back started to pull apart from the seat. What was a slightly angled back is on it's way to being a recliner. Too bad because the fabric looks great and it's still a very stylish looking chair. You just can't sit on it. Oh, and it lost it's stuffing in the back.

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Hi All,

I am thinking about purching either the Lattitudes Brandon Collection or the Crosstown Collection, (Gliding Reclining Loveseat w/Console, Doulle Reclining Sofa and Glider Recliner). Does anyone have any experience with these two collections. Are they made in china or in the US. I am thinking about purchising the items from eith Belfort Furniture, VA., or from the Leather Furniture Center. Has anyone made any purchases from these companies and what is your opinion of their service.

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We are a retailer for the Flexsteel line in MD and have had great success with both the Crosstown and the Brandon. They are 2 of our top selling groups in the Lattitudes Collection. All of the Lattitudes are produced in China.

The only thing I tell customers when they have questions about a retail store is to find out how they work their warranty service. Each store is different and you want to make sure that they will take care of you after the sale. Customer service after the sale is just as important as the sale itself.

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This is our first consideration of purchasing a leather sofa. Our only experience with leather is that we have a leather DeCaro recliner. Any news, thoughts, comments about the Dylan line. With continued loss of USA jobs, we are trying very hard to choose American made, which I believe Dylan is. The sofa is unbelievably comfortable - "hugs" you is the best description I can say. My concern is will the cushions hold up or end up "flat as a pancake" after a while. We tend to keep our furniture for years. Our current Broyhill upholstered is 15 years old - frame & cushions still in fabulous shape, but needs reupholstering which will probably cost as much as a new sofa.

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DON'T BUY A FLEXSTEEL SOFA. I purchased 2 Flexsteel leather sofa in March 2005 and they are now falling apart. A spring is broken in the back on one sofa and all the leather is riping on each of the back pillows. I am really mad. I take very good care of my furniture. These sofas have had very little use. I did my research and thought I was making a good purchase. Boy, was I wrong. We had our old Easy Rest sectional for over 15 years and I raised two kids on that sofa. I gave it to a friend and she used it for another 4 years. I wish I had my old sofa back. My suggestion is to never buy any Flexsteel products. They do not hold up.

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Purchased two couches from Martin�s Fine Furniture in Hagerstown, MD in November of 2010. Our couches were delivered with a manufacturer error. The cushions were made incorrectly on both couches and had overhangs of approximately 2-3 inches on each couch. If not repaired, our couches in time would break down due to the overhang. Our couches are in the process of repair, however, it has been a nightmare between the dealer as well as Flexsteel. We are no longer impressed with this product nor will we purchase again from Flexsteel or Martins fine furniture. We too, were Flexsteel customers in the past, but this experience has changed our opinion for good.

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I'm sorry to see all the unhappy reviews on Flex Steel. I purchased a leather sofa and love seat 22 years ago. (paid a lot, but considering how often most people repurchase living room sets, it was a good investment) I still have them and I still love them. The leather in the sofa seat is starting to crack and split, so I was considering the purchase of another set. The construction is still in wonderful condition, even after three teenagers. Now I'm not sure what to do. I want something that will last me. I want it made in USA. I would just reupholster it, but was thinking I might like to pick a new style.

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Latitudes is made in China---we carry a brand called Futura that comes from the same factory. Same looks half the cost.

FYI alot of their cloth sofas that were once made in this country are now produced in Mexico. We replaced Flexsteel with MARSHFIELD. Check them out!!!! Awesome brand, made in Wisconsin.

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Do NOT buy any leather furniture from Flexsteel. We purchased the Dylan Lattitudes brown leather motion sofa. It seats 3, and both ends have electric motion buttons, which I love, but after a year, the leather started to peel!!! The surface is actually peeling off and looks like garbage. Below the brown color is a rust color- very noticeable and quite embarrassing for people to see. Family members notice and point it out and ask what's wrong. I emailed the company twice and they don't care- told me to buy a touch up kit!They do not have a phone number to get in touch with them and that is probably on purpose!

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We bought a sofa and 2 leather power rocking recliners from flexsteel. That was 5 months ago. The 2 chairs were delivered without the rockers. Been in contact with flexsteel trying to get this taken care of. Finally got a hold of upper management who said they would sent out different bases but they didn't know if the bases would fit. Well these chairs were ordered with the rockers so it didn't make any sense when they said the bases might not fit. Obviously they had a base that would fit. After several calls the bases were shipped. They didn't fit..Surprise.. So back to customer service..Meanwhile the sofa that we bought has its own problem..After about 2 weeks one of the cushions broke down so we had to send it back to be fixed. We will NEVER buy flexsteel again. A person pays good money for a product expecting to get what you paid for but instead once the money is paid they couldn't care less about you.

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Missy777 I am curious why are you not going through your retailer. Manufacturers as a rule don't work directly with consumers. It also seems odd that you would be working with upper management for a customer service issue.

As far as your chairs I don't see how you could take a rocker recliner and just put on a power recliner base and have a consumer do this on there own. Receiving the wrong chair was most likely an order entry issue. Who did Flexsteel send the power recliner bases to? Why would they have sent the bases to you? They would have sent them directly to the retailer and they would have installed the power bases if this was even possible.

As far as the cushions breaking down you could ask Flexsteel to send to your retailer new cushion cores and ask if they have other cushion options. Why would you be sending the core back to Felxsteel. They would have asked you to bring it back to your retailer. I am sure Flexsteel isn't buying poor quality cores that break down in a few months. Flexsteel has been in business for many years and they do produce a pretty good product. Not the best in the industry but certainly a good quality product.

Manufacturers purchase cushions from cushion companies and it is possible for any manufacturer to get a defective core. If you're curious contact any manufacturer or any cushion company and they will tell you that on occasion a defective core is shipped into the marketplace.

I am sure you have purchased an automobile and I am also sure you have had warranty claims. Same goes for Dell Computer and just about any consumer item.

I am sorry but it maybe that something else is going on in your post. Perhaps you have other reasons for posting these comments.

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I have two Flexsteel sofas (fabric) going on four years. They get daily use from a family of four.

I have found that the bottom cushions hold up really well -- the back cushions not so much. I have had to open the zipper and stuff travel size pillows into the back to make them appear full again. These were not inexpensive couches! I am just grateful that put zippers on the back of the couch.

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We have had a very bad experience with Flexsteel leather sofa. We loved the look but in 8 months it was a mess. The die in the leather or I should say on the leather was literally falling off. You could easily scratch the color of with the skin of your finger. The stuffing displaced in the arm rest leaving leather and then wood underneath. The cushions sagged but most important was the finish looked like it had been left outdoors for years. We are an average empty nester couple nad the sofa was only 8 months old. After a battle with the dealer and NO response from Flexsteel after multiple attempt we were successful in returning it for a refund. I have found multiple reviews indicating the Flexsteel of past is different than now.
Just my opinion but I assure you I wouldn't go near it.

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I always thought Flexsteel made a pretty good product. Wide selection of styles, a good sleep sofa program and a nice selection of fabrics. I know many retailers who feature Flexsteel and seem quite happy with it.

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Flexsteel has the worst customer service I have ever encountered. They hide behind an email address. They have no phone numbers. They claim they have reps that will take care of any issues. But no one ever calls.
We had problems right from the start with poor craftsmanship (the piping that ran down the back of the sofa was diagonal over 2 inches instead of vertical, cushion jackets that wouldn't stay in place, and fabric that unravelled)

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We bought a flexsteel sofa fro NFM, and within a year the zippers on the cushions had all broken. The posted signs at NFM said the cushions come with a 5 year warranty, but when I contacted flexsteel they said the warranty only covers the filler in the cushions. I find that very deceptive and misleading. The zippers are on the back side of the cushions and the cushions are sewn into the sofa and thus not removable, thus eliminating any possible wear and tear. Bottom line is Don't expect flexsteel or NFM to stand behind their product, or honor any warranties.

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I purchased a leather flexsteel crosstown recliner sofa from living spaces this past January. After about a month the "leather"on the arms began coming off, leaving orange blotches behind. The inside of the arms also began wrinkling badly. After many phone calls and threats, they took it back and gave me a store credit. I purchased the identical sofa again, thinking this was an anomaly. Same thing happened in 3 weeks. Living Spaces is taking this one back also. Apparently this line is made in China where they use substandard leather. I will NEVER purchase flexsteel again!

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I own a 2011 RV with Flexsteel seats! DO NOT buy their product! My coach is only 2 years old and has 14,000 miles on it with 7,000 put on in the last 5 months. My seats are PEELING and FLAKING!! I contacted them on their website 3 times now, no response, I called and was told that they do not deal with the public, on dealers! If anyone wants to see picture of them, let me know, I will be happy to send them! Overpriced, no warranty after 1 year and hold no responsibility! Save yourself the hassle, get another product!

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Thank you to the person who posted about the companies Hancock and Moore, Leathercraft, Classic Leather and Bradington Young.

We are close enough to go to the factories here in NC. This will be our plan of attack.

We almost bought the Crosswalk last night from Flexsteel. SO glad now that I told them I wanted to do a little bit of homework first. whew.. Missed that bullet!

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I'm newly retired and need a new leather sofa. I'd like to get Ethan Allen but they're so expensive. Does it make sense to spend that kind of money when you're on a fixed income?

I could save some money by buying from Macy's or similar but not sure if they would last as long.

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About 6 years ago, I bought a Flexsteel Brandon recliner and a sofa recliner that was a different latitudes model. Not sure which specific model of sofa, as it appears they no longer make it.
Right off the bat, we noticed that the sofa's right back rest cannot be made to fully click into place. The 2 pieces of the locking mechanism would never quite line up. But the back isn't going anywhere and that section reclines like it should.
Within weeks of delivery, I noticed that the stitching on the recliner's arm rests was coming apart, though they never really separated.
Within a year or two, black spots were appearing where the top layer of leather peeled off.
These issues were not a big deal for me though a bit disappointing.
I do, however, have a major issue. Bear in mind that we use this furniture several hours each day. The stuffing in the arm rests of both units started compressing within a year or two. We could feel the wood digging into our ribs if we lounged over the sides. The Brandon recliner was my personal chair. I loved the support and comfort when it was new. But the cushioning in the back broke down to such a state that the lumbar support would absolutely DIG into my back! By the time I spoke to the dealer about it, there was no warranty coverage for that issue. I payed a recliner repair person to come out and stuff the back. He even over stuffed it, knowing that it would break down a bit, hopefully settling into a nice fit. Within months, I felt that bar in my back again. I think the problem is that the filler or cushion material is cheap and that the lumbar support is just a thin bar that really works through the material. It's as if the bar is too "sharp". I think a better design may be something at least four inches from top to bottom with a taper or curve.
Well, I set that recliner on the curb for some other unfortunate and got my old Mor furniture chair from my in-laws, which was about 12 years old. The cushions and arm rests are like brand new, hardly compressed at all! I really need a primer on building materials when next I buy furniture because there is definitely a few different types available.

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I can't talk with present day high quality but I bought a Flexsteel Sofa. The real springtime and the positioned systems are the same as the domestics and many of the household items created using the same leathers as the Permission which are all top feed leathers which is what you want when purchasing set furnishings.

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They use cheap old materials and manufacture their sofas in China. Their warranty is especially tricky.5. HIGH RESILIENT PLUSH CUSHION

The Plush Cushion features 2.5 lb. high resiliency polyurethane foam topped with 1.2 lb. density polyurethane foam and a 1 oz. fiber wrap ��" all in a white fabric wrap. This cushion has a Lifetime WarrantyNote: Loss of cushion resilience should not be confused with slight softening and flattening of cushion foam and fibers as a result of normal use and aging. Cushion materials conform to the shape of the user and should not be considered manufacturing defects.

Good quality sofa will conform only when one is siting on it.

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I've started a new thread with a question about a 60s vintage Thunderbird sofa we're considering and I'm hoping that flexsteel-knowledgeable folks will share their perspectives with me. Thanks!

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We bought our first Flexsteel sofa in 1990 and our son is still using it. We bought our latest Flexsteel a little over 3 years ago. It was from their reclining furniture line. After just two years the leather is tearing at the seams. This year the plastic release handles are starting to break. Two, already at $30.00 a pop, all just guaranteed just one year. Makes me wonder, has another company that you could rely on has cheapened their product for a better bottom line.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nebraska Furniture Mart

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We purchased sofa, love seat and recliners - the ones delivered to our home are not as firm as the ones in the showroom at Good's Furniture in Kewanee, IL. We purchased in Sept 2013 they were delivered in Nov 2013 & I called with my problem in Feb 2014. Was told to send pics. I did - I was told by sales person Hope, that our furniture needed to "settle". When I spoke with the owner of Good's Furniture I was told my furniture had "settled" more than in the show room. That we sat on our furniture more than what gets sat on in their showroom. I asked to have someone come to my home and look at the furniture. Only to be told that she showed the pics to FlexSteel who indicated the furniture was built to specs and she agreed. So there is not a warranty issue. Amazing they can tell how it was built from a picture taken with a cell phone. Never buy from Good's Furniture in Kewanee, IL or from FlexSteel.

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Has anyone ever successfully sued Flexsteel for poor quality materials? I purchased a couch, chair and ottoman 2 years ago. Since then Flexsteel has replaced the entire set 3 times due to faulty leather. Now it's happening again and Flexsteel no longer wants to offer ant type of solution other that a cheap bottle of leather dye. Store that I purchased if from in Northern Michigan, Oak Heirlooms also will not offer any assistance. Any recommendations out there? Paid over $5000 for a set of furniture that I have to hide so no one sees the poor quality.

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My husband and I are considering the purchase of Flexsteel products. I've been to three furniture stores in Sacramento that showcase Flexsteel products. I'm overwhelmed with the information, some contradictory information, options, etc. And I'm extremely concerned about the multiple concerns listed above. We are looking at the Chicago line and possibly the Kashmira fabric as it is supposed to be the most durable. We want to get a reclining loveseat with push-button power. They apparently offer one year warranty on some items and five year on other products, but they are limited warranties. One sales rep told me you could purchase an additional warranty. But based on the numerous complaints I'm reading about, that would mean dealing with a 3rd party and I'm concerned about getting problems solved. Has anyone had experience with the Chicago, Kashmira fabric and the power love seats?

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