Direct Vent Fire place recommedations

grinder12000March 2, 2007

Reading another thread it seems the fire place beign installed is a Lennox and some called it "at best builder-grade".

So! I have to assume that there is better - however - how much more are we talking about. We're walking on the edge finiancially in building (yea - we doubled the size of out deck last week).

So! Can anyone recommend a better direct vent without making us lop off a room to afford it?

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all manufactures including lennox, make all grades of direct vent fireplaces
builder grade fireplaces all have this in common
tempered glass
not so attractive logs
not many options as far as fronts, refractory brick package etc.
mid grade fireplaces will have
tempered glass
good looking logs
some front and brick options
high end fireplaces have
ceramic glass
extensive ember beds
great looking logs
lots of front and brick options
price points
builder mid >$1000 high end >$2000 Mid grade and high end will usually have a decent efficiency rating, ceramic glass ones put out the most heat because ceramic glass transferrs infrared heat very well. Some good manufactures are:
fireplace extrodinare
heatilator caliber series
jotul acadia
lexington forge
heat n glo
im sure there are others, but all these manufactures offer every thing from builder grade to high end efficient models.

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1. What's your budget for the fireplace? Just the box and venting,not the finish material (tile, marble, mantel, etc).
2. Where do you live? Warm Climate? Cold Climate? What you need in San Diego will different than Vermont.
3. What size room?
4. Are you expecting to heat a small area or large area?
5. Which Lennox model is being installed or spec'd?
6. Lennox has a fireplace for every budget.


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1. Just the box and venting - not sure of budget - this fire place is included in home

5. Lennox mpd3530 - Price ????

2. Wisconsin - Cold
3. Living Room is 15X17 vaulted 14 ft vaulted ceiling (I think)
4. Not heat - more ambiance with heat as a nice by product . . .although heat is a very good thing.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rod & DJs House Building Adventure

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The MPD3530 is a mid range level product in the lennox product line. Works great and has many after market up grades like fiber brick liners, grille and door trims, circulating fan and remote control. However, for a room that size the 3530 is too small. The glass size is 30" wide x 19" tall. It will under heat and physically will look too small in the room. If the fireplace is intended to be the focal point in the room, you'd should at least move up to the MPD4035 or even better the MPD4540.

The venting cost is the same for all three. So the increase should only be on the fireplace it self. Here are the MSRP on the fireplaces:
MPD3530- $1,176
MPD4035- $1,458
MPD4340- $1,934

You can download the spec's at the Lennox website. Try cutting out a piece of card board with the three sizes and put it on the wall to get a visual as to which unit fits the room.

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I don't think it will be too small SIZE-wise as we toured "like" homes with with this fireplace and it seemed OK. It will have a larger mantel and hearth (?) the stoop in front.

It's not intended to be a center piece (it's gas for gosh sake nothing to be REAL proud of LOL). No, the 56 inch TV ( OT above the fire place)is to focal point :-)

The circulating fan does have my interest tweaked.


Here is a link that might be useful: Rod & DJs House Building Adventure

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I have been looking at see-thru direct vent fireplaces for my townhouse. My primary objective is aesthetics - a realistic look. I was referred to Heat n Glo, however I am not impressed with the look of the flame, small and stays blue even after 30 min+. I'm now looking at Napoleon and Town and Country see thrus. I would love an opinion. I like the HD81 and TC36 (both clean face design) but think they are too big and too powerful (60K btu) for my townhouse - I'd have to turn down the flame most of the time and lose the effect. Opinions og the Napoleon BDG40 see thru? I would appreciate some advice here. Many thanks

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