Pet resistant carpeting?

clyftJanuary 7, 2011

We're interested in replacing the '80s pink carpeting in our tv/family room. This is also the room where the dogs spend a lot of time. We also have two cats.

We're thinking of installing stainmaster carpets but I'm not sure what style/type of carpeting we should get. We want something that can withstand wear & tear and kitty claws.

Any suggestions?

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Stay away from Berber, or anything with loops that are NOT cut.

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I will be very honest with you. Pets are hard on all carpet. many people purchase carpets that is not real expensive so that they can replace more often. pets have accidents, lick their paws, claws, and such and its just hard in general on carpet. You will hear all sorts of recommendations here from smart strand to r2x to berbers which are petproof by the way...Shaw makes them...none of them and i mean none of them will hold up well to's just how it is. I just lost my boxer yesterday and part of me died with her and let me tell you....I would replace my carpet 50 times over if I could bring her back as a puppy...she was hard on our carpets...we replaced our carpets with hard woods..but to watch her slide on the wood and couldnt get up yesterday made me hate the hardwoods and wished I had carpet again as it was brutal to watch...Oh your dogs, dont spend a fortune on the carpet...PS I own numerous flooring stores and dont have a great answer for what carpet is best....Good Luck

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I agree 100% with "floortech"! Carpet is just a "dirt magnet" and it took me almost 30 years to figure that out! For an example, my daughter and her husband installed $20 per sq.yd. carpet about one year ago. Very nice frieze(sp.?) short nap, etc. They have 2 dogs and 2 cats and her house smells like dog all the time! She is not a bad housekeeper either. She said just today that if she vacuums it doesn't smell for about half the day. The pets have all had accidents on it, etc. When dh and I built our house we had all hardwoods put in except for bathrooms, laundry, and 2 bedrooms. We have a couple area rugs here and there and we have pets. The dirt I sweep off the floor is amazing and to think it used to all sink into a carpet! Yuk!!! If you have to put in carpet I would go cheap!!
Good Luck!

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I wouldn't do carpet with pets. In fact the house we are building has no carpet. We are using woood and tile(whole downstairs except master bath and closet are tile that looks like wood. Use bound carpet or washable rugs. If something happens to it you can replace it way easier than wall to wall carpet. I cleaned white carpet in the previous house we built for 9 years.(even threatened husband-next time you go out of town, I'm ripping out the carpet-He said"hope you like living on plywood" He eventually came around and we put walnut through the whole downstairs. I now find carpet disgusting! It just traps "ick". With a solid floor you can get it truely clean. We have a yorkie and mini dach. also a cat but the only issue with her is shedding.

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Floortech is right - nothing is pet proof but there are some decent options out there for you. Even hard surfaces can be tough with pets. Nails can gouge wood and moiture with wood or laminates is a no-no. Stay away from any type of loop carpet for sure. It will become more of a cat toy than a floorcovering! I also highly recommend a moisture barrier pad if you do choose to go with a carpeting. If there is an accident, you can remove it.


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