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carolssisFebruary 28, 2004

Our homeowners insurance just sent us a letter telling us they were not going to renew our insurance. The reason is that they say they sent a letter to request information and didn't recieve a reply. They sent this letter after receiving the information. My question is, how long do you have to mail them a list of items stolen in a burglary? We reported the burglary by phone, and took 3 months to make up a list of stolen items. Now they are saying they didn't receive it, which they did. Is this legal?

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It probably varies from state to state. Call your state's insurance commission, or if you can't find the name or number of that office, call the Attorney General's office for help or a referral to the correct agency.

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Can you prove they received the information (registered receipt, etc.)? If so, take that info to them. Or to the Attorney General. Take it to the AG, though, and you'll probably be looking for a different insurance company anyway. But try to resolve it first. It will hurt to look for insurance with someone else if you're listed as having been declined.

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Thanks for the advice. We've finally gotten the problems solved. The claims rep. stated she couldn't accept my handwritten list of stolen items, and sent it back. She wanted it formatted to her form, which I couldn't use. Reason, it's from Excel, which I don't have. Underwriting department has received our letter. We were forced to contact a manager. Seems our claims rep. didn't want to convert our list herself, and was trying to make me do her work. And it's her fault that other letter wasn't sent to underwriting department. We will probably find another insurance company anyway. This kind of treatment from them is totally unacceptable to us. First, last, and only claim!

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