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JJAV1234February 4, 2014

Does anyone know of any legitimate work from home companies? Positions as a an assistant or in human resources primarily?

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I have heard of it but everyone I know who tried it ended up paying for a package or something that didn't amount to any work.

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You can do freelance work via sites like,,

They often have postings for virtual assistants and the like.

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If you want to become self employed, I suggest you think long and hard about what would you want to do even if you didn't get paid.

I know hundreds of people who liked making things, including my wife and me.

So we made some crafts and went to a local craft show. We made $20 and I was hooked. We did more shows and learned more and made more. Within 6 months we did a show where we made $1,000 in one day!

That was over 30 years ago. We now do shows with professional full time craftsmen and many years we made over 6 figures. Yeah, doing "craft shows".

Beats working for somebody else every day!

This may not be for you, but I am one of the few in America today that can honestly say "I love what I do for a living!"

And it all started by wanting to "work from home".

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