Did taxes go down?

sportsmom12February 21, 2004

I just did my taxes doing Turbo Tax like I always did. I was surprized at the end. Our salary was just about the same, our dedutions was just about the same- yet we got a bigger refund? Just curious why. anybody else get that pleasant surprize?


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We got the exact opposite! I was wondering if taxes went up.

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The brackets relocated. Example - our salary stayed the same but we moved from 28% to 25%, which meant a lot more refund. I think everyone's situation will be different, but due to the new brackets, it is plausible that your effective tax rate went down.

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What I paid in federal taxes went down slightly, but at what cost? What will I be paying in the future, in order to pay back the money that the government borrowed in order to slightly reduce what I pay in taxes now?

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Makes no sense.

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Things to keep in mind on November 2.

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The folks managing our province gave us a tax cut a few years ago.

Went in debt to do it.

Plus - medical services were reduced.

Education was reduced.

Services to elderly were reduced.

That party isn't in power any more.

Furthermore - the guys who replaced them, who swore they would not increase taxes, have been crying buckets of tears over the huge deficit that they face.

Have continued cutting services.

Also reinstituted premiums for medical coverage.

I have felt for some time that it was not a good idea to get rid of that program several years ago, so am not unhappy that we need to pay premiums for medical services again.

But I am distressed with them, none the less - for lying.

I do feel that we should pay a premium for medical services.

I hear that you folks south of the Border have enjoyed recent tax cuts - and major increases in national debt.

Good wishes to all of you in the States as you approach Nov. 2.

By the way - though we are supposed to have had a free trade agreement in place for a number of years, the U.S. just imposed a heavy tax on Canadian hogs going over the border.

joyful guy

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