Avalon direct vent question

mcdonaldbMarch 19, 2010

I recently installed an avalon trv 864 direct vent fireplace in my basement remodel. I did the install according to the manufacturer specs. My fireplace sits about 15 inches off the floor and then vents dirctly out my wall of the basement, so i have a elbow coming right off the top of the fireplace and about 20" of horizontal pipe going out through wall to termination cap. My question is about the temperature of that elbow and horizontal pipe, when i run the fireplace that elbow gets very hot, if i wet my finger and touch it it will sizzle. is this normal, or should that pipe be cooler than that considering thats fresh air coming in?

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A direct venet system is comprised to 2 vents -- one to exhaust the fumes produced by the fire and one to bring in fresh air to feed the combustion. The first will be hot, and the second will be cold. I believe the vents are usually (or always) covered with insulation so they should not be hot to the touch. I would be concerned about fire hazard risk where your horizontal pipe abuts any combustible material wjere it goes through the wall to the outside.

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The horizontal pipe does cool a bit as it nears the firestop at the exterior wall, I did contact the dealer I purchased from and I wasn't real happy with the response. They told me it will get very hot at the elbow, I will press them some more and see if there is a local rep that can give me a better answer. I am concerned about it, and cannot see how I could have installed it incorrectly as its pretty straight forward.

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Two things you might think of doing. You could ask a contractor/installer to check out the system for you. If he's any good, his "trained eye" will likely see things that you didn't, and he could advise you as to whether the installation needs any changes. That will cost you the price of a service call. I think it's worth it to give you peace of mind. The important thing, of course, is to select an installer you are confident really knows about these things. If the dealer from whom you bought the system is not interested in helping (maybe because you didn't let him install it), find someone else.

The other suggestion is to find out what your local building codes say about the system, if anything. Contact the building codes guy in your Town and say you are THINKING ABOUT installing the system that you installed. Can they give you any guidance on how to go about it so your installation is not a violation of the codes. DO NOT tell them that you have installed the system, because there may be a risk that they'll send an inspector to check it out, and if he doesn't like it, make you take it out.

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