mason charges?

birdpuppieMarch 13, 2008

Does anyone know the going rate for a mason to install cultured rock, on a wall, around a gas fireplace.

I am looking at having about 70 sq ft. placed.

I will be using the Owen Corning Fieldstone product.


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If I were you, I would ask the merchant who sells the product to recommend 2-3 installers. Then you can check them out, and make sure you ask for references and follow up on them, so you can see the quality of work they did for others.

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We just had our existing 5'-7" wide X 9'-2" tall fireplace refaced with cultured river rock wall stone and corner stones, and a 1 piece blue stone hearth and total for labor and materials was $2,500, and took the mason 3 days to complete and it turned out absolutely perfect. We are in northeast connecticut.

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Your project sounds very much like what I am doing.
I am using an Old Country Fieldstone.
As I am in a remote area the mason has asked that I purchase all materials, his labour cost will be $17/sq. ft.
I estimate my material cost as:
Scratchcoat material-mesh, fastners, thinset $125.00
Mortars and sand - $100.00
Cultured Stone $700-800.00

My area is now 60 sq. ft. including the hearth area.

I would say our costs are going to be very close to what you paid.

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if your brick is not painted, you should not have to install the mesh, the brick is porous enough for the new mortar to hold, unless your mason likes to do it that way. Ours just installed the stone right on the existing brick, no mesh. I will try to post before and after pic with-in the next day or two.

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Ed in CT

I live in ridgefield,Ct and am installing a new fireplace. I would love to see pictures you have. Also, who was your mason and where did you purchase materials from?

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sorry I have not posted pics yet, I am totally consumed by work right, busiest we have been.
I will get pics up soon.

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