Should I Apply Polyurethane to New Veneer Table Top?

lmalm53January 29, 2009

I posted this on the woodworking forum but am looking for input here also. Just purchased a new kitchen dining set which meets our needs both for the budget and space available. I was told it was made from hardwood solids with a veneer top. The top currently has some type of light matte finish which is slightly rough to the touch. I can feel the grain in places when I run my hand over it. I will buy a custom table pad and use table cloths if that is my only reasonable solution for protection, but I was hoping I might be able to apply a polyurethane finish or other protective coat that would allow me to use the table without covering up the top. Any advice or suggestions are most welcome. The last thing I want to do is ruin the surface or appearance of the table but it will get daily use so needs some type of protection. I have read the Furniture 101 thread which is extremely informative but could not find anything specific to applying protective coats to a brand new veneer top.

Here are a couple of pics if it helps.

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No. Don't try it.

Apply a coat of paste wax to the top, every 6 months.

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Thanks for the response :). I have pretty much resigned myself to using pads and tablecloths when eating. Still want to keep the finish in good condition and uncover the top when not in use though. Any particular brand or type of paste wax?

Thanks again for your input.

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