Lopi wood stove Model 380

tim52317March 5, 2009

I am looking for installation information on a Lopi wood stove model 380. I need the minimum clearance informton to begin with. I have checked the Lopi website and emialed Travis Industries to see where I can obtain the needed infromation. But have not recieved any answers back yet.

I am looking a purchasing a used model 380 loacally, which in in excelent shape and about 10- 15% the cost of a new one. However I would like to make sure it will work for the location I have in mind before I purchase it. The building code requires installation to manufactures specs, so I pretty much have to have this information.

The model 380 is now called the Endeavor. However I would assume there would be differces in clearance form the new ones to the 1984 model 380.

Any infromation or opions would be helpful.



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You have what's called a "Smoke Dragon". It's an old dirty stove. It's not an EPA rated stove and really shouldn't be installed at all. That's why you got it so cheap. The newer stoves have different clearances than the old ones. So even getting a brochure for the current stoves won't help you.
To be honest, I wouldn't even consider installing the stove. Get an EPA rated one.

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This stove is listed by the EPA...smoke dragon? Not EPA rated? Where do you get your information? Check out the URL below.

I would say just keep looking for information on this wood stove.


Here is a link that might be useful: EPA listings of certified wood stoves

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If your stove was made in 1984, it's not an EPA rated stove. Does it have a secondary combustion with the tubes? Or does it have a catalytic converter in the flue? If not, when you damp down the stove, you literally cut the air off to the fire and it literally smolders. And smoldering wood creates smoke. The EPA passed regulation banning the practice in the new stoves. That's whay they have th etubes and baffle in th estove. Or a CAT. They want clean burning stoves. Many wonderful companies went under because of th erulings. The one that comes to mind is FISHER. They were th e"Rolls Royce" of woodstoves, and they couldn't comply with the 1990+/- rulings.
Lopi may have the same MODEL, but they're not the same stove.

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I was able to get a copy of these owner's manual. I do not find an EPA label on it. It has a primary air camber and what they refer to as a channeled masonry baffle. I gave $200 for the stove, if I find I use it, I will upgrade to a more efficient model.


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