silly buying stock question

sportsmom12February 22, 2004

I wanted to buy some stock(a rookie here but don't worry- not spending a fortune and did my homework reading up on the stock) Anyways it said the stock was 11.31 a share. I wanted to buy 150 . When I put in 150 at 11.31 it came out to over a million dollars! It said something about asking price 900? So does that mean you can't buy the stock at ll.31


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Even at $900 a share, for 150 shares that only comes to $135,000. There's something not right either in your understanding of the price of the stock, or on the page where you're entering the number of shares you want to buy.

If you'd be willing to post the stock's ticker symbol, I'm sure someone here can help you figure out what it all means. If you don't want to do that, type the ticker symbol into a website such as Yahoo Finance and the description you get there might be easier to understand.

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What vehicle are you using to buy the stock? Are you trading online through a discount brokerage? Your post refers to "it" as in, "it said something about 900 a share." What is this "it"?

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Okay the stock I am trying to buy is vivo and I thought it was 10 a share so I was thinking of buying 200 shares thinking 2000- look what comes up?
Order Information
Quote Information
Account: 173216356 As of: 03/24/2004, 4:00pm
Action: Buy
Quantity: 200 Last Price: 10.20
Symbol: VIVO Bid Price: 0.01
Description: MERIDIAN BIOSCIENCE INC Ask Price: 9000.00
Order Type: Market

Time in Force: Day
Conditions: None
Trade Type: Cash
The estimated value of this trade without commission and fees: $1,800,000.00
Estimated Commission: $14.95
The estimated value of this trade with commission: $1,800,014.95

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Just noticed Sportsmom was interested in buying 150 shares of VIVO @ $11.31 on 2-22-04... for about $1696.50. It closed on 1-7-05 @ $17.82... about $2673.00 $977 profit. Hope she got in. I love to see this stuff!

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