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Sueb20April 15, 2014

Okay, I am turning 50 in several months and now referring to myself as an old lady.

As some of you know, I have a little decorating business. Mostly word of mouth, I have never advertised, but I do write a monthly column for our local paper and until recently, I had a blog on the newspaper's web site -- I used the blog essentially as my web site. When I sign an email, for instance, a link to the blog is part of my signature.

Well, a couple of months ago the newspaper redesigned their whole web site and somehow "lost" my blog. There may still be some hope for getting it back, but since it's been so long, I'm doubtful. So I think I need to put on my big girl panties and create and actual web site.

I had a web site through Yahoo a few years ago but it was annoying because every time I looked at it, the photos had magically rearranged themselves. I need something SUPER easy to use. And, of course, inexpensive! I don't make enough money to spend thousands of dollars on a web site.

My alternative is to use Facebook -- that was how I started, actually -- but I have heard vague rumblings about business owners being displeased with some new FB regulations...or something...I wasn't really paying attention. And, of course, not everyone uses FB.

That is my overly long way of saying: If you have a web site that is super easy to use, can you tell me about it, please?

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Wordpress. Great for a designer's blog and for your website. Shoot me an email, I'll share.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I have no ideas but I found Wordpress to hard to use.

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Try Wix for a website Sue. It's free and you can play around with it to see if you are comfortable with it before you publish it.

I like Mailchimp for a newsletter. Really easy to use and is free if you keep your list below 2000 sign-ups.

I don't do a blog but I use my Facebook page in a blog-like manner (lol!).


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Okay, this is funny, but I literally found out 5 minutes ago that my blog is fixed. Uh, so, never mind! But thank you!

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I'd love to read your blog if you want to share the link.

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Keep your FB page. Small businesses are really taking off because of FB. The regulations can't be that bad since many are using it.

To get people to see your FB page and hopefully bring you new business is to ask as many friends as you can to "Like" your page. That "Like" will show up in their Newsfeed for their friends to see.

Good luck!

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Marti, if I were to share the blog here it would be also sharing my full name, town, phone no....just a little weird for me even though the (very few, I think) people who do read it also have access to that info. But since the blog is tied into our small town local newspaper, it has a limited audience. KYIM? Anyway, you're not missing too much. This forum has more valuable info than my blog does! :)

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I don't blame you a bit.

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Wise decision :-).
Glad your blog was fixed.

Gratuitous advice from a 57 year old: call yourself an old lady even in fun and someone will believe you.

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