Wow, free phone and internet

qdognjFebruary 7, 2009

Opened up my Verizon home phone and internet bill,expecting to see the usual 110 dollar+- charges..What i got as a CREDIT for 148 dollars for ,get this, being a "valued customer" ,no further explanation,just no bill for this month and still have 45 bucks+- credit for the next...Unexpected surprise :)

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I would guess they were sued and were ordered to refund a certain amount or they over charged you and didn't want to admit it for liability reasons.

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I can guarantee is wasn't overcharge,lol...I go thru each bill with a fine tooth comb,i have caught small charges most people would let slide..But a lawsuit might have happened,never thought of that..I thought because i inquired about dropping the service to bundle with cable, they took action

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

How strange, qdog. I have never heard of such a thing, and rather doubt if it was a result of any kind of a class action suit or something similar.

Money from class actions suits has always typically been mailed to me in the form of a check.

The Electric Cooperative has reduced rates in the past, but the credit given was well explained in their news letter.

I thought because i inquired about dropping the service to bundle with cable, they took action
That would be my guess as to why they considered you a 'valued' customer.

I'm wondering if the economy 'might' improve customer service, with the businesses hoping to hold on to their old 'valued' customers.

My insurance agency called recently asking if I had gotten and reviewed the new 'lower' quotes they had found and mailed me some time ago. I thought that was quite nice of them.

I ordered something off the net and last Fri I received an email that Fed-Ex had had a problem locating my address. I called Fed Ex and gave them specific directions, and added that I did not have my house number on my rural mailbox. Minutes later the on line vendor called to follow-up on the delivery problem. I told them that I was amazed at their customer service and them following up so quickly.

Maybe we will all see some improvement in Customer Service with those we do business with.


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