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rgressFebruary 23, 2011

Here is something interesting I found out recently.

Microsoft quit selling Microsoft Money a couple of years ago. However, that hasn't affected me since I was using Money 2004 for all of my home finances and it was working fine.

In some other research I found out that Microsoft has made available the last version of Money for free. They call this Microsoft Money Plus Sunset version.

You can read about it here:

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Hmmm. I'm still using Money 2000 Deluxe. Microsoft's info at the link advises that all Money online services, including quotes, are ended as of 1/31/2011. That's rather much interesting, being as I ran today's stock/fund price update two mins ago, and it still works. I don't use any other online functions. I do online billpay directly through my bank, not through Money.

I downloaded Sunset (both versions), but am hesitant to run the install. Money 2000 is old enough that I'm wondering if Sunset may not be able to convert the data. My computer crashed on 11/14/2010 so I had to reinstall Money 2000. There's a license key on the disc, but I don't recall anything specific about online activation occurring.

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I had used the old version for years but only use it to track credit card usage. I recently got a new computer that I couldn't install the old program on and installed the Sunset version. It works great for what I use it for.

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