Car repair -- I knew better, but...

raee_gwFebruary 20, 2014

I didn't shop around. Pressed for time, trusted my usual oil change place, yada yada.

My muffler got real noisy and rattley over the weekend. This in a 2010 Nissan Versa with 46k miles.

I called the Nissan dealer, who said he couldn't get me in for a couple of days, then added: "It is the gasket has failed. It is a known problem with the Versa. We'll charge about $450 to fix it with a 1 year warranty. You'll need a new gasket and tailpipe. I suggest you go to Midas or Monroe, they will charge 60-70% of what we will and give you a lifetime warranty"

So did I look on line about this "known problem"? Did I call around to various shops to price the repair? No I did not.

I went to my local Goodyear where I normally get my oil changed, told him what the Nissan service manager said, and let them repair it. They gave me a "discount" but still charged me $385, putting in a whole new muffler assembly.

So today I looked online about this problem. Lots of complaints about a weld failing in that assembly that could be re-welded (and had been by Midas etc) for $50-$100, 30 minute wait.

Or, the parts: a gasket can be had for $8 and a muffler for $85. Labor runs $300 for a 40 minute repair?

Sheesh. It wasn't an emergency. Lesson re-learned.

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Aahhh, raee. Sorry this happened to you. But you are right, a lesson learned. An expensive lesson yes. But you will do better next time. Don't beat yourself up for it to much. NancyLouise

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So why didnt you fix it yourself for $92 if thats all the new parts cost?

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The good thing.. you lived through it and learned a lesson yet again!!
If only hind site came before the action.. all would be golden :)
Thanks for sharing!

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Good idea to check out reputable repair places as one discusses various issues with friends, from time to time.

Would one want to check such out with one's *real* friends/family, etc. on Facebook, etc?

I suggested here years ago as a Christmas "gift" that we write down the names of all of the people whom we knew from school years on, then try to contact, with email addresses, etc., and send out request for such advice when one has such a need.

ole joyful

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