smoke inside the house

unctimMarch 27, 2014

ok bear with me on this. like most i get some smoke when i open the doors on my wood burning fireplace(fmi c42lh) it has a metal chamber around the firebrick and a power fan underneath, to "move the heat into the room" i have outdoor vent into the chamber and a 2" hole from the chamber into the fire box. i think if i create a larger hole 4" and run my air source (metal flex pipe) directly into the fire box i would get much better combustion and alleviate my smoke problem. i have noticed a"violent" flame inside the box when i have the doors closed. i would also like to install duct work from my fan to the back and the to the top of the fireplace all inside this metal chamber. looks like there is room for this this should move a better draft of heat thru the top vent and into my room. OK guys what do you think. tim

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You have inadequate draft - either your chimney is too short (should be higher than the highest portion of the home, not likely if this is a new build) or the area of the flue is too small or both.

I would not say "most" get smoke in their home when their fireplace doors are open. Much of the country with older fireplaces, with properly built chimneys of the proper height don't have any problem w/ smoke in the home from a fire - and most don't have doors on the fireplace.

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You need a good quality exosfan to solve your problem. It's make your project cheaper.

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Opening the door on a fire that is going and is regulated on the air supply side will almost always puff back into the room. It is a pressure issue. If I just open the door on my wood stove it too will puff back. If, however, I open the draft regulator and get more air flowing thru the stove and increase the flow up the chimney and then slowly open the door the increased draft will minimize or eliminate the puff back. With wood, every system has a personality;)

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If you haven't had the chimney swept for some time that could cause smoking too.

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