Woodstove Operation question

jgarzasrMarch 21, 2008

We just finished our new home, and now have started heating w/ a wood stove. It is a Hearthstone Tribute. I have never ran a woodstove before - so I want to make sure I am running this correctly.

When I installed the stove - I also installed a temp gauge. So far I have been keeping the stove running so that the temp stays in the orange - which says normal operation. However - for me to keep the stove at this temp - I have to keep the air lever all the way open. Is this normal? I thought I would have to adjust the air lever to keep the fire burning correctly - but so far I keep it wide open.

I thought maybe this has to do with the house being super insulated?

Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!

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The temp at the surface of the stove should be around 500 to 600 degrees. If you need to have the damper open to maintain that, then you may need to open a window a bit or ask the stove shop about an outside air intake for the stove.

But what are you burning? Pine? Oak? Maple? Birch? How seasoned is it? Does it "sizzle" when you open the door of the stove?

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Also keep in mind that outside temperature has a lot to do with chimney performance and draft. When the temps get up in the 50's and above, my stove tends to get "lazy" and I have to keep the air vent open a lot more than when the temps are in the 30's.

This may be totally irrelevant to your post, but I'm not sure what your weather is like right now.

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