Gas Fireplace Brands?

maries1120March 11, 2014

We have a mid-60s gas fireplace and our first estimate was to take everything out and start over. The current fireplace is 112" wide real brick with an opening of about 60" but the actual fire opening is much smaller. The height of the opening is not proportionate. The person giving us the estimate recommends Kozy Heat. Thoughts on this brand? I thought I would start by finding reliable brands and than shop from there.

Hoping someone can help. Thanks.

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We've had a Valor direct vent fireplace for about 7 years now. It really throws out a lot of heat, and it is one of the few brands made where the fire can be turned all the way from a "raging inferno, down to an ember", all from the remote control~~most brands will only turn down to about 60%.

The fireplace has been trouble free these 7 years +.

We rarely run the forced air central heating since we bought that fireplace, as it heats our 2 story 2700 sqft house very well, but we are in S. Calif and we have efficient windows, etc your mileage may vary.


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Thanks for the reply and info. I have looked at the Valor webiste and liked what I saw. Mendota was another one I was looking at. I had never heard of Kozy Heat before this contractor gave us the quote. Most are installed through shops that sell them so knowing brands will narrow down which shops to even bother with. We are in Wisconsin so this won't heat the house - unfortunately.

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Mendota and Valor are both great brands. Kozy Heat is a good brand too, but I am not crazy about the door or front selections. If you are looking at a full view fireplace, Mendota is the nicest. If you want a nice surround, look at Fireplace Xtrordinaire.

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Thanks. I will check out the Xtroidinaire fireplaces too.

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We have a Kozy, and it kicks out a LOT of heat! We went with it because it was attractive and good value. However, it turns out there was a defective main control module that caused arcing when it first started. The Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a recall for Kozy Heat, Ambiance and Stellar Hearth gas fireplaces and fireplace inserts. Kozy fixed it for free but it took several months. Was on the 2009-2013 models. I have ambivalent feelings because overall we've liked the fireplace, but had complained several times about the delay in ignition. They had been out several times but never fixed it. Now we know why--defective mechanism. I just don't know how long the company knew before the recall was issued...

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Any experience with Napoleon or Empire Comfort? Those are the goto brands for two of the local companies I've contacted.

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We are going with an Astria Rhapsody because we want a low BTU, linear fireplace. Our rep really seems to know his lines, and has given us good advice on what to consider and what to avoid. He did recommend the Napoleon line. But can't give you any first hand advice.

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