cleaning soot off rock fireplace surround

pompeiiMarch 24, 2005

My rock wall fireplace looks dingy from 50 years of soot and dust. I have washed it off and that helped some, but I would like to use some sort of cleaner to get the rest of the grime off. I want to keep the fireplace as is, but would just like to brighten it up a bit.

After cleaning the stones, I would like to go over them with a sealer that would add a bit of gloss. I've done this with old dreary tile and it helped immensely.

Does anyone know of a product that will clean embedded grime off a rock fireplace? Thanks.

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Try oven cleaner. Test it on a small spot first before doing the whole thing.

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If that doesn't work there are stone cleaning products out there. Go into a stone/tile store or a stone yard with your picture and ask them for a recommendation on a product.

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Thank you for the oven cleaner suggestion, Xanndra. It worked very well. I will post a new photo when finished.

I had tried a cleaner recommended by the chimney sweep we used. It worked okay, but not much better then soap and water. I think it just cleaned off the surface dust and not the soot.

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Glad I could help. That's what 10 years experience in this business will get you--Oven cleaner!

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Will the oven cleaner work on a brick fireplace?

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Yes. Again, test it on a small area first to see if there is any discoloration or other problems.

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I tried Quick n Brite on my brick fireplace to remove the soot and absolutely loved it! I could not believe the results! I have tried various other products to remove soot and creosote that did an okay job but there was always a reside still left behind (and many of the products were so toxic I wasn't wild about having them in an area where I would be lighting a fire soon!) I was recommended Quick n Brite by a friend because it is a safe product without chemicals so I didn't have to worry about my children or pets (which I loved). I put the paste on my fireplace with a stiff brush, let it sit about 30 minutes then came back and wiped it off with a damp terry cloth towel. It was like brand new, I have not seen it that clean in 20 years and I did not have to scrub my arms off either! I have been recommending Quick n Brite to all my friends since then and everyone I have shared mine with has been very pleased as well. Great product.

Here is a link that might be useful: Quick n Brite

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