Pneumatic Stapler for Underlay

stangn99January 17, 2014

Hi guys,
I bought some plywood underlay last night in preparation of getting my new hardwood floors installed.

Based on the manufactures instructions, I'm supposed to use acclimate for 48 hours (which I have), and I'm supposed to use:

"double coated chisel point staples with a 1/4" maximum crown"

I'm running low on funding, and was wondering if anyone had suggestions on a cheap Pneumatic stapler that would "get the job done". I already have an air compressor I can use, but don't have a stapler.

Would something like this work to drive the above staples into the 1/4 underlay?

Thank you!

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For one or two uses, try a pawn shop.....!

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Rent it from LOWES.

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Yes for just a one time use rent it. The resale value is worst than a new car.

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I agree with 2 of the above comments. I rented a narrow crown stapler for a day for $24 at a local tool rental place.

Then I needed a backup finish nailer, so I went to a pawn shop and got a 3-piece non-name brand set: finish nailer, brad nailer, and narrow crown stapler. Price marked $85, got it for $50.

Or check your local craigslist. Buy one, then re-sell it when you're done for the same price you paid for it.

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